Ender 5 X and Y Axis Endstop re-orientation

by rmpel Mar 9, 2019
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This mod is a great idea, thanks! One concern I have, however, is with the X-axis part: since it's fixed in place using one screw, there is some danger that if the screw loosens ever so slightly over time, then the whole part could rotate away from its position, causing the carriage to miss the switch and slam into the frame. It might be better to make the X-axis part a little bigger to accomodate a second screw?

Adding a second screw hole is certainly possible but the question is is it needed.

If your homing speed is low enough, there will be no bump hard enough to cause the screw to loosen.

I use 20*60 in Marlin config, have done hundreds of homings and it is still solid as a rock.

That being said, I’ll create an extended version.

edit: extended version in 3 variants are now available. the orientation of the holes limit the way the plate can be rotated.

Cool! An idea for the extended version: if the two screws holding the part onto the frame are placed in parallel, then one of the holes for holding the switch circuit board could be shifted so as to achieve the desired angle more easily/consistently. Then the only adjustment needed would be to place the part at the right distance from the edge of the frame.

I think i see what you mean, but just shifting it wouldn't do, as the switch assembly is very tightly in between the two "studs". I think both need to shift a bit and rotated together. But that would come to lots and lots of testing to get the perfect angle, whereas the current method just requires you to hold the bracket in place, slide the x-carriage away and back to ensure the correct point of the switch is hit and tighten.

(In other words; trying to get the perfect angle seems like a bit over-engineering, but I'll think about it :) )

edit: the extended version is included now.

one screwhole added perpendicular to the existing one. I have not printed it, not tested it. maybe i need to switch the holes (rotate both holes 90 deg)

Wow, so quick, thanks! I'll definitely test this ASAP and let you know. Just real quickly from looking at it, I would suggest to make the second screw hole a perfect circle so as to act as a pivot for the part. Also: it's totally possible I'm over-thinking this! I've not had this printer for very long :)

There are 3 versions of the extended, two of them have a hole perpendicular to the hole that was already there. These can be used to pivot the plate. The third one is “all bets are off” ;)

I appreciate the idea and the need for a simpler way but as every printer is different, that might be difficult to achieve.