Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Alita's Motorball

by TheOther10 Mar 11, 2019
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Looking forward to printing this! Thank you so much for taking your time designing this.

It's certainly a big job printing all of this thing: I got 5 shell segments out of a 1kg roll of filament, then had to wait for another to arrive in the mail. While waiting I got around to slightly reducing the size of the finger-holes, which I think looks just that bit closer to the original. Will post a photo tomorrow so you can see if you'd rather use the updated files. My printer originally told me it was going to take a day each for the 8 shell pieces at regular speed, but on 'turbo' it came down to just over 10 hours at 0.2mm layer-height. 0.2mm is usually just on the edge of acceptable, but I'll also post a photo of the differenced acetone vapour makes to this after a quick, light sanding. At this speed and low resolution the inside surface got a little loose near the top, but until I get around to building the interior detail that's not a problem. The outside is surprisingly good.
Here's the orientation I used when printing the segments,

Thanks for the reply.

Do you think it gives a better result by printing it with supports (as shown in your attachment) than standing it on one of the flat sides?
I unfortunately don't have the possibility to print it in ABS, so I will most likely have to go with either PLA or PETG at 0.10-0.15 layer height - meaning a printing time of around 23h for each shell. This is with Prusa's "Quality"-preset, mind you. Their "Speed"-preset would properly cut it down to below 20h at 0.15 layer height.

I will post a make when I'm done, but don't expect it anytime soon :P

This is amazing thanks for sharing gonna print this after finishing the sword