Transformable Optimus Prime (single print, no support material)

by DaBombDiggity Mar 11, 2019
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This is neat! Could you make a Bumblebee?

Megatron is 75% done. After Megatron I will be making a Starscream, after that I have a few ideas for some Autobots, but it takes me quite a while to finish just one transformer so a bumblebee would definitively be a few months out.

Can't wait for Megatron and Starscream!

Megatron is finally done!

does it have to be 1000 scale or can it be any size i want, or will that not work?

I would not make it too much below 1000% scale because if it is too small the tolerances between the joints will be too small and the surface area on the print bed will also have a difficult time properly adhering. However, you should probably be safe to make it a little smaller. If you plan to make it larger you shouldn't have any tolerance issues, however, it will potentially make the joints even looser.

Awesome work! Question about the scaling: are the dimensions in the ipt files in inches? Just wondering why the stl has to be scaled up so much. Did you make sure to export the stl from Inventor in inches?

Can't wait to try this print out tonight!

The ipt files are in inches. It exports all my stls one tenth off for some reason, for example 10 mm becomes 1 mm. I don't quite know why this happens but your suggestion that it has something to do with me working in units for this file are probably correct. I plan to work in the metric system from now on so this should hopefully no longer be a problem in my future uploads. Best of luck on your print though I hope it turns out great!

Four color remix posted. My machine took an XY Compensation Value of 0.175 to get tolerances close.

Thanks, DaBombDiggity, for the excellent model! I'm looking forward to your next one.


Transformable Optimus Prime Single Print Multi-Color Remix

Running a 4 color plus disolvable support test now. :D

Wow that's gonna look dope. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

SWEET! I can't wait to see the final result, and download your remix. Good job on the edits, from what I can see. Dissolvable support might be overkill for this one. The only thing that needs support are a couple wheels, but brim might take care of the problem mine had. Did you do anything to tighten up the joints? Hopefully yours isn't as floppy as mine.

I did a few millimeters of dissolvable support, mostly for the wheels which kept coming off the bed. I like it better than a brim (easier to remove).

I couldn't fix the tolerances, but I'm printing with a 0.1 XY size compensation to tighten it up. It was pretty loose on my machine, too.

I should be able to post the remix tomorrow. I want to complete the print first to make sure it's OK so no one wastes time and money on a bad stl. :D

Wow you even got the head to be blue, so cool.

Thanks, and thanks for the excellent model! I'll post the remix after I get a print done.

I'm trying to split this for multi-color printing using Meshmixer. I'm running into one big problem. I need to split it into shells. When I do so, It comes up with two shells representing the holes for the waist pivots (somehow these are separate), see attached pic. It then makes them solid, fusing the waist. Is there any way to merge these holes into the torso instead of having them as separate shells?

I am at a complete loss as to why that did that to you. I've double checked my files, and the problem you describe isn't on them. I believe that somehow between me printing my own optimus prime and uploading it to thingiverse the file was messed up somehow. Just to be safe, I re-did the joint on the torso completely (deleted the feature, and made a new one identical to it). This should not affect the print at all, it should still work fine. I am re-uploading the .ipt files of both the torso and legs, as well as the assembly. Try re-downloading these files and if the problem persists, I'll look into it further.

That did it! Who knows what happened. Meshmixer definitely has a mind of its own. Thanks, and thanks for the awesome model!

When should Megatron be ready?

These take me quite a while to model in CAD and often I need to print multiple iterations to get the design to work. I'm currently in school so I don't have that much free time to work on these. That said, I really want to make a Megatron so you can probably expect it in the next couple of months.

I completely understand because I’m in school as well and it took me a while to make my mom’s Tardis where the doors moved and stuff

Megatron is finally done!

Any possibility of Starscream too?

I've got some ideas. But if I do make one it won't be for at least a few months. Megatron comes first.

I've begun to work on Starscream.

Woot! That's super cool! I'm printing one in blue, now. Would you be willing to split it into more parts, specifically based on his appropriate colors? It can still be one STL, but if it's a single object with multiple parts, as it is now, one (such as myself) can use "split to parts" in Slic3r PE and use an MMU2 (or Palette or whatever) to print in multiple colors, and have an essentially accurately colored Prime when complete. :) It's half way there already, just need a few more divisions. :)

I did not originally design this to be made in separate pieces and then assembled after it printed, so I don't think that you would be able to make pieces of it in different colors and then assemble them when they've all finished printing. If you are willing to toy with this design a bit I can send you the individual parts, but you would have to modify the joints so that they use additional hardware to assemble together. They would be .ipt files (I use autodesk inventor). I really like your idea though so I'll send over anything to you to help you print it out

You misunderstand... not to be printed separately, but printed in different colors at the same time. The MMU2 and Palette are products that enable a single extruder printer to print in up to 4 (Palette) or 5 (MMU2) colors. Same print. No assembling needed. I assumed you were aware of this. My bad. I have an MMU2, and would love to print this in multiple colors. I have Fusion 360. It says it can open Inventor files.

Editing STL files is a pain. The original files would be much easier to work with. It's up to you, if you want to send them to me. If you understand what I mean now, maybe you'll have a different answer. You need NOT change your model in any way, other than to split a few parts into a couple pieces so that they can be individually assigned different colors on a multi-color printer.

Thanks for the clarification. I am fairly new to 3D printing and I was totally unaware of any printers that could do four colors at once (I knew there were 2 color rigs though). It's fairly late right now but I'll get those files to you tomorrow. The legs are a single piece though, so I don't know how you would make those dual colors (grey and blue).

You're still not getting it, but I'm sure you will as soon as you take a look at what the MMU2 (and Palette 2) can do. To be clear, the pieces don't need to be separate pieces in order to be printed in different colors. His legs can be one piece in the final print, and still be printed in separate colors, so long as the object itself is in two (connected) pieces/parts.

If you're willing, why not upload your .ipt file to the thing files? That way, people can remix and improve your excellent work, not only for multicolor printing, but also for tolerances and maybe even more articulation. The one I printed (at 750%) was VERY loose. The head won't even stay in.

I've uploaded all of the files both separately and in an assembly. I'm sorry your head didn't work out. The one I printed has a little groove in it that it catches in in truck mode. I don't know why exactly yours doesn't work. You are correct that it has loose joints. This is to ensure nothing fuses together when printing (I went through three prints before I got to this version, with the working joints). However, both truck and robot mode should hold themselves together fairly well despite this.

It's probably your printer isn't as precise as mine, or yours needs to be calibrated. It might be over-extruding or something. I printed on my Prusa i3 Mk3. It all printed OK, but the joints are all so loose that the head literally falls out. The hinge isn't tight enough to hold the head in, let alone in position. The rest of it is very floppy and loose as well. I guess it's possible that mine is under-extruding, which I'll look into soon, but it's been my experience that it is just much better than many printers out there, and so things like this that work on less precise printers tend to be loose. Have you printed a tolerance test? There are a few out there, but my favorite is the one that's like a fidget spinner with tighter and tighter tolerance around the perimeter. My Mk3 printed that such that only the 0.1mm part is fused. The 0.15mm tolerance rotates within it's holder as do all the others. It seems like you've used well over .5mm of tolerance for your joints.

I appreciate you sharing your work with the community. I'm only getting into modeling things, myself, so I might not be able to do much more than the part splitting I originally asked about, but if I do manage to make any other changes or improvements, I'll definitely share it as a remix.

It's actually not my own printer. I use my schools, so you're right about it probably not being perfectly calibrated (and it's definitely never had a tolerance test printed). My tolerances should all be ~.635 mm although I believe that the waist joint is slightly larger than this. I wish you luck with any mods you make and I'm actually super excited to see it in color!

I'm interested to see what you guys come up with. This model is begging for multi-color printing. Meshmixer might be good to split things up and add detail. Especially when you need to separate things like the tires from the legs.

Unless you know a way to edit .stl files. Then I could just upload those and save you the trouble of dealing with an .ipt file if you don't use autodesk. I dont think this would be very hard to modify, it would just require punching a few holes in the right spots so that you could fit some pins in to hold everything together.