Monoprice Mini V2 and V1 - MKS Gen L and TFT24 touchscreen MODS

by Franks3dShop Mar 13, 2019
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Awesome Frank!

For clarification, the things we need to print is:

And the sidepanel

Right? I plan to have the USB-cable always connected, so i will just run it with the other wires to the raspberry,.

I'm going to add a MOSFET, so i will probably do a remix on MKS_Gen_L_BracketFull-_With_support_for_USB_side_connector.stl.

Yes that is correct for the prints.

I could do a MOSFET add on, my question is why do you need a MOSFET? The MKS Gen L is more than capable of driving the heaters with its integrated MOSFETs... In fact with the MKS Gen L and the original power supply I had to bring down the current not to overheat the E and X motors, you will se in my next video I use the exact current from the original board not what I have stated in the first video. Also with good PID tuning (and I have a custom menu for it) you get a really flat line temperature wise.

Hope to have your comments on this.


I've expended my bed and got a plan to use a beefier heated bed (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018XBWGHC/). Also i have a MOSFET laying around :-)

Hey, i've made a test of this now: https://imgur.com/a/gbMiJhD

Just waiting for parts and part 2 of your videos. Will upload this as a remix if it comes good. Thanks for the amazing work Frank!