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Summation Circle

by agoramachina Mar 13, 2019
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What's the $fn=40 intended to do? I've tried setting it to 10 and 80 and it doesn't seem to change anything. As far as I can see it's only ever used on line 41 of the code, and it's set to 4 there.

First comment I've ever had on a Thing and it helped me solve an annoying issue I was having. Thank you!

I'm actually a noob at openSCAD and learning as I go, so please don't take me for any kind of authority on this: basically, the higher the $fn, the smoother the curve. When I first wrote the program, I used an $fn of value "n" to draw the outside lines as an "n" sided circle, but later I drew that outside part as connected lines. Those lines are drawn as cylinders on line 41, as you noted. The $fn of 4 meant that the circles making up the cylinders were made of 4 sides.

In an update, I'll have to remove the $fn on line 41, that way it will default to whatever $fn is defined on line 3 (I usually set it lower when I'm testing so it renders faster).

I welcome any corrections! You can find more info on the $fn function here: