Piggy PiggyBank

by lecaramel Mar 13, 2019
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It's cool but your embedded text inside prints messy and just adds unnecessary print time. There are way more unobtrusive options to sign your work on the inside to protect it. Mid print now, I wish I'd just taken a little time to remove it. Sorry.

would any coin fit in the snout?

At least, US, Euro and Japanese. Then I would say yes :)

Thanks for this - good print file!

What software do you use for the cartoon like piggy image? It looks amazing!!!

It's written in the description ;) It's ZBrush, from Pixologic : https://pixologic.com

can someone remix this and put wings on it??

such a great idea?

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Plz make without support hole. For the piggy bank it is important.

Why don’t you want a hole in the bottom? And why not remix it yourself?

Do you mean a hole without support for the cap border?

I mean the piggy bank without hole for coins take out.

Great job thanks a lot. I printed it three times with different speeds and had no problems (using Simplify3D). Many greetings from Germany ...

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Hi. How to print withouth suports? My slicer is putting suports inside, to suport the upper side.

You don’t say what slicer you are using. However, in cura to just get supports around the hole in the bottom like the description recommends just set supports to “touching buildplate only”, then set angle to 85.

I'm using Simplify3D to prepare my model, you can put custom supports where needed. I' pretty sure Cura should allow you to do this or perhaps a plugin exist to do this.

You should change the 'thing' info where it says "supports: doesn't matter" to "See included images" or "Yes, see comments"

But then how to take the suports out from inside? Or it can be printed with no suports at all ?

You need to manually create the support, in the Support popup window, you can click on location where you want your supports

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Love the design, great work! Do you know what diameter max the coins need to be? Trying to figure out if a united states quarter would fit (~25mm)

Yes, no problems!

Thanks! Printing currently. 56% done, 22.5 hrs, 0.12mm layer height.. Question on the cap. Can it be printed from PLA or should it be flexible filament?

If anyone else is wondering the question whether the cap can be printed in TPU, it cannot be. The tabs that hold it in will flex too much and the it won't hold on..your money will fall out. Printing it in PLA is perfectly fine and works as expected.

TOP !!!!!! GREAT IDEA !!!!!


Une petite question au sujet de comment faire pour faire un support que autour du trou.
Merci pour la réponse.

Cela dépend de ton slicer. Avec Simplify, tu peux définir manuellement la position des supports. Je crois qu'avec Cura, c'est global, mais il existe il me semble un plugin qui permet de personnaliser la position des supports.

How did you remove the "25% infill"? :)

Huh? In your slicer settings? :)
Well, this is an advised value, you should be able to print with 20 or 15% of infill.

Excellent, merci pour le job!

Thanks for posting your Piggy Bank. I really like your design! I can't wait to print one!

Thanks and feel free to post a Make when done: ;)