Push Pin Clip / Push Rivet / Retaining Clip (Nissan, Infiniti)

by scottmi Mar 14, 2019
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For my 2006 Honda Odyssey van, I not only needed 10mm (125% X and Y) but it needed to be at 200% height. But the base of the retainer was too weak and the retainer fell apart. Atomic carbon fiber PETG. Trying increasing extrusion and temperature.

Having better luck with a generic PETG I had left over and an older slicer profile. Hopefully this will at least be adequate to hold my bumper on until I can get the real thing. For the Honda, I not only scaled up X and Y to 125%, but also Z to 150%.


Also I'm finding that the inserts don't fit into the retainer. They're too large when scaled up, even with the retainer scaled up.

It's the round part - the "body" of the insert - that doesn't fit, not the flange that lines it up.

Interesting. I am unfamiliar with that filament. Is it a stiffer PETG with the carbon fiber? More flexible PETG is better for this part.

Yes, stiffer. But the base of the retainer is just too small. The "wings" just break off.

Thank you for this!

You are very welcome.

Any shot you could modify this for 10mm instead of 8? I wish I knew how to use fusion 360 a bit better to do it myself but I'm stuck. Everything else is fine. The length and width of the caps is okay. Just the middle portion needs to be fatter.

Not sure what slicer you are using, but in Slic3r PE there is the option to scale each axis independently.. so can scale just the X and Y to 125% and leave the Z at 100% to increase the diameter, but not the length.

hmm, I did think about that but then the cap portion would be too large. I didn't think about cutting it though, I guess that will have to do then. Will kinda of suck tho if I have to print a lot of clips. But thanks!

Still will need to scale the X and Y, but this has a smaller flange, so will be 20mm when scaled up. Would take a bit more fiddling for me to change the 8mm to 10mm hole in the model. Sizing the flange down was easy, though. See the retainer and pin for 16mm flange in the thing files.

Try scaling it with your slicer software.. 125% should do it. Hopefully doesn't make the flange too large, but that could be trimmed.. let me know if that works for you!

Thanks! We were not sure if it was going to work, but printed this for a friend to try on his Subaru and it worked great!

Great! Glad to hear it. What filament did you use?

As it was a test fit (We were not sure if it was the proper size/shape) I used PLA. But apparently it has stayed firm enough that he won't replace it unless it fails on its own.