Ender 3/CR10 BondTech to Micro-Swiss Hotend and Original Hotend Direct Drive Mount with Bowden Tube Adapter

by Eidetiken Mar 15, 2019
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would this work with original extruder from cr10?

Only the Bondtech extruder.

This looks exactly like what I've been looking for!! 2 quick questions, do you know if this works with the BL touch mount for the hero me? And how big of a print quality improvement have you noticed from this and the linear advance? Is it worth the trouble?

For me it's worth it as I mostly print flexible filaments and it improved my print quality considerably. I don't know about the hero me as I designed my own fan mount with a bltouch mount that lets me change nozzles easier.

Thx again to improve this mod :) one question about that smaler step motor, did you change also the direction with the pins in the connector ? And you need the whole cable replaced from MB tot motor ?

Can use this with the Bullseye modification? Or where can i find that cooling mod u use please ?

The cooling mod in one photo is the HeroMe v2. I have never tried the Bullseye so I don't know.

Oh thx, gives it enough cooling with the stock fans and as i read it fits with all original screws no ?

Works with original screws and original hotend.

Thank you very much, i was looking this for my Bondtech that will arrive next week ;)

Great work! Is there something to change in marlin or not?

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Just set M92 E415 and save with M500 to eeprom for the Bondtech gear ratio. Also watch out for the tumb screw on the back. It may hit the top riser... one of the things I'm trying to tweek.