Infinity Cube

by mosb1000 Mar 16, 2019
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Unforunately I wasn't able to print this on my MK3S. I tried all of the suggestions (Z-hop, added brim, lowered my first layer z value to get more squish, decreased my extrusion value, cleaned my PEI sheet with soap and water then with 99% IPA, slowed all print speeds down to 20mm/min) and nothing seemed to work. It still knocks it loose from the bed about 45 minutes into the print. I was using Prusament PLA with 0.20mm layer height, 215C nozzle temp and 60C bed temp (default Prusa Slicer profile for Prusament PLA) on the PEI sheet. I might try again some other time. Thanks anyways for the really cool design.

One last thing you could try is raising the bed temperature 70°C or 80°C. They main reason you don’t want to go above the suggested temperature is it can make it very difficult to separate the print from the bed. But on a print that is hard to keep down there isn’t much concern that you’ll damage your PEI sheet taking it off. Also, it’s possible that your extrusion factor or retraction settings are allowing excess plastic to build up on the print, causing the nozzle to knock the print off the bed, so you could try reducing your extrusion factor or tuning your retraction settings. One more thing, if z hop isn’t working to keep the nozzle off the print, it may be that you have set a minimum extrusion length for retraction that makes it so the z hop doesn’t occur when you need it to.

Sorry you weren’t able get it working, I admit this is a very challenging print when it comes to getting it to stay on the print bed.

Failed on both my printers tried printing slower and at different resolutions

Generally these come out the best if you use a layer height that is about 1/2 the extrusion width. You will need very good bed adhesion to make it work, since it overhangs so far before it comes back together. I recommend a heated PEI bed, with the first layer squished to get as much contact as possible. You can also add a brim to help hold it down. You could also add something for adhesion, like hairspray. It's also important to have your retractions dialed in, and have z hops to prevent your nozzle from knocking the print loose. You might also want to reduce your extrusion factor if the print head is knocking it loose. I've printed a mesh with over 200 of these, and not a single one failed, so if you are willing to tweak your settings, you ought to be able to make it work.

I've already tried everything, all settings tried all the cube sizes. Always and everywhere the edges bulge. I would love to have this cube. It just does not work.

I have the same problem. My solution: reduce countour wall layers. Use just one.

Can you send a picture of the bulging? I’m not sure what you mean.

Now I'm thinking this might be a thing to try building with PVC or ABS pipe, as an easy way to build a cube without a 3-way "ell"…

Ok thanks, I've only had my printer for 3 weeks so as a "newbe" any input is appreciated!

I am printing on glass using a good adhesive and have leveled the bed is there something in the Cura settings to adjust the squish on the first layer?

I think the setting you want is “initial layer flow” you might want to set it as high as 200% depending on how squished your first layer is already.

I tried printing a 4" one last night with a brim twice it got to the half way point and one segment broke loose from the bed I am wondering if setting a Z-hop at travel would help!

Z-hop would definitely help, I always use it because it doesn’t take long on my delta printer. Good bed adhesion is key on this print, so you could try raising the bed temperature above what you would normally use, and squishing down the first layer more. You probably won’t have much trouble separating it from the bed, so it’s good to try for maximum adhesion.

Oh, nice I still have an old SGI workstation sitting in my garage. What an amazing machines they were! So much nostalgia.

the only tag on this is nsfw

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My Ender3 with PEI printed these cubes, 15,25,50,100 w/no brim or issues.

Very good work. Thank you.
But an advise for others... use brim even for the smaller one :)