Articulated hand

by NOP21 Mar 17, 2019
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Désolé mais je n'ai jamais fourni ce genre de fichiers. C'est un principe.
Merci quand même.

Ok, merci quand même, de partager ce beau projet.

Certo, obrigado mesmo assim, por compartilhar este belo projeto.

Félicitations pour le travail!
Je veux utiliser votre projet comme base pour une main robotique car il contient tous les mouvements dont j'ai besoin, mais je dois ajouter des trous et des guides dans les pièces pour utiliser les servos. Je ne peux pas convertir les fichiers stl pour pouvoir les éditer dans Solidworks, mais cela ne laisse que quelques points. éditable, auriez-vous ce projet dans Solidworks ou dans un autre format que je pourrais essayer?
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide.
Eider Jose.

Comments deleted.

What are the best print settings? Layer height, etc?

Was there ever a diagram on how all the parts go together in English?
Google translate is doing a confusing job of parsing this French for me.

The file poignet_liaison_main appears to be missing from the archive file.

It is there, I've printed it. The file is called poignet_liaison_main__-_A.stl.

I re-downloaded the archive and there it was. Not sure what happened, but thanks for your help.

To NOP21: Excellent model. Thank you for making it available.

First, I must echo the sentiments of everyone else - this model is beautiful. Très magnifique! I cannot imagine how many hours you have invested in this design. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

I am currently printing this as a gift for my hand therapist. I recently lost a couple of fingers in an accident, and my therapist has been a miracle worker.

I thought I would share a problem I discovered as well. I use Simplify3D to slice and it appears that it has a problem with non-U.S. characters in the file name. I always save each part's print settings in what they call a .factory file so any future edits are minimal. Apparently, when file names contain foreign (for us) characters such as "è", Simplify3D chokes and starts generating errors. Please refer to the following forum topic:


Once I went through and renamed all the files containing "è" and replaced it with "e", the errors went away. You may wish to rename your files on Thingiverse, or just let this comment stand as a warning to others. It is a shame that in this global economy, software that is sold worldwide is not supported worldwide. C'est la vie.

Thank you again for such a wonderful design. I am looking forward to finishing it and will post a Make when completed.

Meilleurs vœux.

Oui effectivement c'est désolant, je ne savais pas. Dans le futur j'éviterai les caractères spéciaux
Bonne continuation

Beautiful model! I'm looking at building one of these for the university I work at for their 3D printing program display (we have a prosthetics program, so it's a relevant piece display-wise). I think I have all the information I need for the build thanks to your hard work, but do you have any insight on assembly? I don't expect any issues, but just anything you found difficult with the process. It'll be some time, but I'll post a make when it's built.

Quel travail! Bravo!!

Beautiful model! I think you may be missing the part labeled "Majeur phalangine"

je viens de rajouter le fichier

Hi NOP21,
Great work, I intend to use it in my high school design class for Anthropomorphic design tasks.....But
......There is a missing file, I have triple checked and it is on your list but NOT among the files. "1 x poignet liaison main"
I think you would agree it is an important part!

Hello and thank you
I just added the file "hand binding wrist - A"

Bonjour et merci
je viens de rajouter le fichier "poignet liaison main - A"

Congratulations! You did a really great job. I can't think of how many hours it took you to design all this and how much patience it cost you. I really congratulate you. Great!

hello and thank you very much
actually the project is difficult because the hand is the most beautiful tool in the world and also the most complicated.

I am having trouble printing some of the STL files on a MakerBot Replicator + and MakerBot Print is giving me an error about the slicer and build. Can anyone give me some direction on how to fix this or what I need in order to fix this? Its a great print idea and I would love to bring it to life. Thanks.

Comme toujours j'utilise le logiciel Cura.
Ça a bien fonctionné.
Pour beaucoup de pièces il faut des supports.
J'ai rajouté des supports pour chaque pièces, si vous souhaitez je peux rajouter les fichiers des pièces avec supports.

yes please and I did have supports selected but I'm not sure if Cura is supported I would have to ask my Tech department because even my teacher doesn't know why it won't work. Thank you for your help.

Can you upload the files with the supports? it would help me a lot.

OK je fais ça ce matin.

So many parts, do you have a diagram of your names of the parts?

c’est fait

Ça sera fait dans la semaine.

je viens de mettre la notice de montage

That will be so helpful, again thanks!

J'utilise le logiciel Topsolid 7. Je n'ai pas de Scan, la reproduction des doigts n'a pas été facile.
Bonne impression !

Once again a very nice design, congratulations! Too much 3d modeling design on it. Which software do you use? Thanks for sharing. I wlll try to print it, maybe in a smaller scale, 0.3mm nozzle. Cheers !