Wanhao D7 Easy Level Build Platform with Resin Drain

by fcollingwood Mar 17, 2019
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"M10 thread" comes in three common sizes: 1.0, 1.25, and 1.5. 4mm thick M10 nuts come for the 1.0 thread and generally take 20-40 days to arrive from China, so order ahead.

Alternately, removing the small lip from inside the nut housing and using an M8 jam nut and an M8 knob from elsewhere will work too. The M10 or M8 may need to be 20mm, not 25, otherwise it hits the M5 going through the top assembly. This depends on the knob used though and how much bolt body it consumes.

There is not a good source of a small number (like one) of M5x80 full thread bolts.

The baseplate assembly that connects to the build plate will absolutely "leak" the resin into itself, rendering it somewhat like a sponge. After being printed, it should be sealed. You can paint the top with resin printer resin and then expose it using a UV light source (including the sun) or use whatever other preferred method for sealing the 3D print that you like.

Not-mentioned are four M3 screws for the sides of the top assembly. They will screw in tightly to the top assembly and ride in the plate topper grooves to allow it to move. M3x8 or 10 will work just fine. It may be necessary to file out the holes on the top assembly slightly to allow the screws to fit because normal printing on FDM will result in holes that are too small by a few tens of microns and slightly oblong due to gravity and physics.