Pickle Canopies for Toothpick style micro fpv quad (14x14 and 19x19)

by ledroneclub Mar 17, 2019
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These are wonderful, but I wish there was an AIO camera option.

These are wonderful, but I wish there was an AIO camera option.

Hello i am wondering if there is a version that fits the 16x16 stack and the camera?

Hello,check in the remixes section. Someone made one. If you have whoop holes on your frame you can directly use this canopy with standoffs to raise it a bit and fit the stack.

I'd like to use a nano receiver and I have all the small crossfire antenna options on hand, just curious which antenna version you see being mounted to the bat ears and how the holes come into play in the mounting method.

I use the simple antenna trimmed down to lambda/8. It makes a very short antenna that fits between the ears using a tiptie as a support and heatshrink over it. I can’t link a photo right now but saw the idea on Facebook kababFpv group from a user whose name is FaebuFpv

So how is the range on that? 1/8 Lambda would be 43,1mm for 868MHz. Is that from tip to tip, or for each element seperately?

Yes the length is for each element of the dipole antenna. For the range it depends but if the antenna is well done it should be greater that the one of the video signal. Keep in mind that cutting the antenna is not good for it's performance but should be acceptable in most cases for a micro quad.

heyyy may i ask for the file? i kinda want to change one part cause i remove the side mounting holes because the frame im using only uses the front and because of that i cut the sides. I would also want to put some more "meat" at the back because cutting the sides really made the back fragile. Ty~

yes sure, drop me a message with your email



Thanks for this! It is working great. A couple things the part that dips down on the rear roof (the "M" looking part) will need supports if you want it to look nice. I just let the filament print in mid air and waited for it to bridge. So it is possible to print w/o supports. Secondly, why do we print this in TPU? Does it help with vibrations for the camera?

Thanks for the input. You're right on the M shaped part, gets out with support but i'm currently changed that shape to be more flat (as you can see in the 1.4_basic version). For the TPU it's way more convenient for the vibrations as you said and also more resistant on a crash, plus you just press fit it to the screws without needing to use nuts.