Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell - Apex Legend Bloodhound

by mmjames Mar 19, 2019
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Xbox One Controller Faceplate

No this is not a remix. If you look at the dates, my controllers precede that post. I had purchased the original blank and then reworked the mesh to make it more easily edited. There is more than enough alterations in this to be a stand-alone

Your oldest controller is 2018 that post is from 2014 so if u spent 20 bucks u got ripped off

Ah, I thought you were referring to the updated controller, without the indent at the top. As for the indented version I have, the original blank is not from that maker. And the original blank I did have did also have a different style of mesh, with several fixes to make it easier to work with on my end. Sorry for the confusion.

This looks awesome you going to do any other characters?

Do you have any in mind? Here's the collection of all my shells up to date.... let me know if you want to see one specifically and I will make it!


Custom Xbox One S Controller Shells
by mmjames

When i play apex i use pathfinder as my main but would you be able to make a file for inserts?

Example: white face plate with gold pathfinder and logos.

I've uploaded your request! You can find it at both of the following links:



Thank you again for the inspiration!

Custom Xbox One S Controller Shells
by mmjames
Xbox One S Custom Controller Shell: Apex Legend Pathfinder Edition
by mmjames

I can make a pathfinder file, however, inserts are extremely difficult to achieve, because depending on the size of the nozzle, your tolerance will become cumbersome. Tell you what, I will make the pathfinder controller, and then I will include the 3d files of the designs that engrave. They should be able to fit if you work really hard at sanding each and every edge... You may be better off going with a resin and pouring it into engravings rather than trying to fit inserts, given that there is such small geometry. Does that sound good? Pathfinder should be up within an hour....