Tronxy X5S Gantry carriages and belt geometry alignment

by Gnattycole Mar 20, 2019
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I was just looking for something like this because I use the same corney pulley guides by Han and was wondering if I should make a mounting system that basically makes the same spacing as those guides but sits ontop of the aluminum plate that came with my X5SA.

The ONLY question I have is that, is this longer than the base/stock plate? And if it is, does that restrict the print area because of it?

Also if possible could you list like the hardware used to mount the new plate? I am trying to figure out how you did the spacing on the pulley that needs to be raised higher. And I just thought of this, could it be possible to design the spacers into the design like the corner bracket? It has that built in space/washer bump but just ascending/descending for the two spacers you mounted onto the screw?

Hi B14d3,

It's A good point around the built in spacers but the reason I didn't design them into the model was because it would have made printing them a nightmare. The blocks and pulley supports are designed to be printed upside down and so each of their top surfaces are designed to fit flat on the build plate. If I model the spacer like in the corner pulley supports, you'd need a support building across the entire surface of the model, to the height of the spacer. It didn't matter with the corner pulley support as these need to printed on their sides. The pulley supports have the built in spacers on the underside as this didn't affect the printing so you only need the spacer washer sitting on the gantry blocks top surfaces.
The length of the blocks is larger than the stock ones but the print head will reach to all corners of the build plate still. The only thing you will need to do is change the end stop bracket as this will clash with the new blocks. I've referenced a suitable one in the build instructions.
All required materials and hyperlinks to sources where applicable, are under the "Post Printing" instructions in the file.
Hope the info helps, feel free to drop me a line to let me know how you get on.

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How is printing for you now? I like the design because it does not stray too far from the original, just makes it more stable.

I've got the prototypes fitted currently and the trusty Anet decided to throw in its extruder hot end mid print of the V2.0 of these carriage blocks so I haven't tested them yet. The belt geometry is the same, I just added the captive nut recess for the shared pulley and wheel axle. I'm hoping they'll arrive today and I can get it fired up over the weekend. Will keep you posted.

This looks like a nice upgrade, following along to see how the final project turns out. Also can you include a list of the required hardware and parts? Looking forward to more pictured of the completed work.

Will do Chief. And thanks for the positive comment.