Duplo compatible marble pump

by joachim67 Jun 3, 2014
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Your instructions assume there are holes for the screw to go through, as in the main image for this thing. But the actual file has little tabs instead, and no holes. Perhaps you updated your design, but I can't seem to get the lever into place because of those tabs. There isn't enough clearance at the end that pushes up on the marble. Can you give me any information that will help?

You are right. One of my last improvements was a base, that doesn't need a screw. But I forgot to say that in the instructions. Now I've fixed that and uploaded the base variant with screwhole.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I finally remembered to check back, and am planning on printing as soon as possible! Cathy

The duplo run parts this is compatible with this uses large openings and wide runs, it works well with the 16-17 mm glass marbles we have all over the house but they are too big for this pump sadly. Apparently 16mm give or take .5 for variance is one of the most common sizes and larger than the 15mm this pump is designed for.

If I have the time I might try and remix it, it isn't too far off.. I love the duplo compatible part because these augment stuff we already have... I don't plan on going out and purchasing a bunch of special size marbles or barins just to use with the run when I have bags of cheap glass marbles already.

Looks like fun. I have a 4 year old grandson. I bet he will have fun with this.
Thanks for the scad files. I don't have any duplo blocks but I'll make something to put it in or just print some blocks(never too old)....I'm sure he has plenty but they're 500 miles away. :(
scad prints out a lot of warnings about unknown variable bottomGapHeight which I find referenced once in module duplobottomnibble() of the library. Is it needed? If so what value should it be? I just stuck bottomGapHeight=0; to get rid of the warnings.

Duplo compatible marble run system
Duplo compatible marble run cones
by wuz23

Thanks for telling. Didn't notice myself before. Should be "firstLayerGapHeight" (0.3). I've uploaded improved scad and marble-pump-base.stl files.

You can see from my Made of the duplo marble system. The printed quality was not so good. So, for this pump system, should I use support? My printer is da Vinci Duo 2.0 and it always generate a lot of support which are so difficult to clean out. I am wondering if I can clean those holes very well. Did you use support in your print?

First - thank you for supplying your "Made"-photos! Very nice. As far as I can see only the cornerHole-piece misses the column. Otherwise it looks fine except for the missing nob on one black piece.
I usually try to design everything to print without support and I didn't use support for the marble pump pieces. (I have an Ultimaker, now upgraded with a heated bed and I print with PLA.)
Yet I have to admit that the vertical holes in the base and in the lid don't look too nice from the bottom. I've now uploaded a lid with support for the hole.