LowRider CNC V2 X and Dual Y Endstops and Z probe

by Tailslide Mar 19, 2019
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I think I'm missing something... How does your z work with dual end stops? Or your not using dual squaring with your z on each side?

Hi, this is configured for the Lowrider V2 as it comes in kit form with the Rambo Mini. It only has enough stepper drivers to do dual drivers and dual endstops in the Y direction. To do it automatically in the Z direction you would need to change to another board like a full blown Rambo board which has an additional stepper driver. I think you really only need to do this once though since I can't see the Z geometry changing much. I used the shim object provided and a set of calipers to shim the carriage level with the bed and parallel with the table top when it is fully dropped. The script provided moves the carriage to the middle and disengage the steppers to drop the carriage onto the shims and level it. To provide Z height probing there is a probe that gets dragged along the table top or sacrificial board (see first picture). This lets the carriage home in the Z direction by having the tip of the currently installed tool trigger the endstop. This should let you have a consistent height between tool changes. Hope this all made sense I will try to post a video when I can but it might not be soon.

Hi,i understrood how your machine works.i have configured lowrider with dual z and dual y endstops but i have not managed to configure the z probe endstop.I am using rapms and have 5 stepper drivers.I liked the piezo mount.I am using simple contact crocodile type (to the bit).Have you any idea how to control the z min contact?

That setup might be a bit different with dual Z endstops.. mine is configured with the probe as a single Z endstop. It is also possible to configure a separate endstop as a probe and then use the probe feature... check out this page http://marlinfw.org/docs/configuration/probes.html

Under 1) Z Probe pin it says to set Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN ( and Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP?)

so you let gravity to home z min.why not moving z axes?

I'm using the rambo mini board that they sell with the kit.. it doesn't have enough stepper drivers to run both the dual Y axis and dual Z axis steppers independently so the Z steppers are both run off the same driver. To be honest it's working really well just shimming it level and letting it drop like that I'm not sure if I would bother setting up separate Z endstops even if I had the extra driver.

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