Dexter's Laboratory

by Ismael_jiso Mar 20, 2019
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Oh I so loved the show and still do today!
Thank you so much for making and sharing these models!!
May it be possible you'll make a MMU version out of these like the rendered Pic?

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Thank you very much for having accepted them! I hope you can enjoy the printed models.

From then on, I ask for an apology, but I did not understand the last question very well.

Thank you atkirkham, that was exactly my question.
Converting a single color model into a MMU / multi color model shouldn't be too difficult for you (since you already have a colorfull rendered Pic) :

You'll have to cut/separate the model in such a way, each color gets a separate exported stl file (everything that is white / red / black /...). Doing this while not moving / rearranging the pieces - so the coordinates stay the same.
If done correctly, any modern slicer can import and rearrange each separated stl back again. But now, I can select "dexter_white.stl" to be printed from extruder 1, where I loaded white filament, "dexter_black.stl" from extruder 2 etc.

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What I think waldamore is asking is for an MMU or "Multi-Material Upgrade" version. Meaning that instead of each character being one distinct model, that instead they are subdivided so that each can be printed with the appropriate colors assigned in place on the printer.