by Benchy4Life Mar 20, 2019
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Hi, everyone.
I printed the body and I think the bottom layer is not fine.
In fact, it is my second proof trying the printer.
These are the details:
Anet A8
Layer height: 0,2
First layer height: 0,3
Infill: 5%
Main speed: 50
Infill speed: 70
First layer speed: 20
200C hotend
60C bed
I've tried different software (Cura, Astroprint) but always get this first layer quality.
Any idea?

Beautiful model

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Awesome project! I printed this with some rainbow filament at about 200C hot end/ 70C bed. I did 0.12 layers at 25mm/s speed (I think). I did this with a 5% infill.

I am overall very happy with the result, but does anyone have any idea why some joints were perfect on the back and others weren't? It's only a little frustrating, but I wanted to figure out how to fix this!

Love the model. But I wish the body wasn't so loose. It just flops his little head down. You can't pose it. Or am I missing something?

Printed this on 85%. Realy cool. Thanks

The wings does not fit for me. Printed at original scaling, with a Creality Ender3 Pro using PLA

I see there's a slope in that bodyhole, without that slope the wings would of fitted perfectly judging by my size it takes up. Or do I have slicer issues? Used Cura

Mine fits. It’s a tight fit mind

Turn off the "Make Overhang Printable" option under "Experimental". That is likely the setting that is creating your slope.

Thanks, that was the issue! I forgot to turn it off for this print

That is odd, It must be in the slicer if you look at it in "Thingiview" there is no slope there. I'm not sure what setting would affect that.

I forgot to turn off "make overhang printable" in my slicer. It made the slope.

why is this tagged as NSFW

Well, When a girl Flexi-Dragon really likes a boy Flexi-Dragon.......... ummm, I mean I am not sure why it was tagged like that, I removed it.

Wings printed great using Inland PETG Magenta.Body was doinggreat until the last inch and a half at the tail... Lifted and folded up... Same general area as the tip of the wings, but could still be a temp thing. Gonna try with a lower temp range... Wanhao Duplicator i3+, CURA 3.4, Bed at 50, Extruder at 225, Speed 20mm... Other than that, its a great Dragon.

how do you know the printer? my printer only allows obj and stl . any ideas? please reply!

You can download the .stl in the "Thing Files" tab.

Printed nice...long print time for me but expected.

The links broke on the wings and body. Might have been my print settings. I tried it at .3mm height with a speed of 80mm/s

Might need to do it at 2mm like was recommended (i know), and 60mm/s

Yeah, 0.3 is way too thick. Try 0.2 or 0.1.

It did not work for me but it is really cool!

I printed the body and flexible wings in 40% size. They printed well but the wing bases are too wide for both of them to fit into the slot on the dragon's back. Printed on Prusa printer. Any ideas?

40% is quite small and the subtle angles that lock the tab into place might not work properly with tolerances of the printer. I am working on upgrading the locking to be more secure and bigger hinges.

Came out perfectly on Prusa mk3s. All the links are moving freely.

Printed one, one link broke at base of wing, and another at base of tail.
I might edit the links in 3ds max to see if I can beef the link up a bit... ;)

I think the less-flex right wing (Flexi-Dragon_Wing_Right_Less_Flex.STL) is upside-down -- the tab where it fits into the body is floating when I load it into Cura.
I'm printing at 50% now, just to see how might turn out, but the joints are all fused together.

Yes, it was saved upside down. Easy fix though. :)


Printed body, printing wings will post when complete

Best Dragon ever!!!

i love the way it turned out it looks amazing

I printed one at 60% and it turned out great! Wings fit in perfectly and stay in place. Printing another at 100% now. Nice model!

My daughter is having her 5th birthday party next month, with a dragon and unicorn theme, so these make the perfect party favors for the boys. I tried making them in PLA, TPU, and PETG. The PLA worked nicely, but with just a little bit of force, the wings snapped off the piece that connects them to the body at the first joint with only one hinge. The layer strength of PLA caused a few layers of the clasp (the width of the bar) to snap off. I run PLA pretty hot (220), so I don't think that's the issue. Maybe making the clasp thicker would give it more strength at the joints, but I didn't have time to remix it, so I tried other materials. TPU gave it the flexibility to not snap off, but it's also sort of sticky. The hinges didn't rotate at all, they just flexed, so when you remove pressure, the wings would pop back up to near vertical. Finally, I tried some cheap AmazonBasics PETG, and it worked like a charm. It is stiff like PLA so it prints a lot cleaner on my bowden extruder, but flexes just a bit when i overextend the wings rather than breaking. It also seems to be more accurate than the PLA on my printer. The PLA wings would sit snuggly in the hole, but the PETG wings snap in with a satisfying click. I think I'll be using PETG for all my toys from now on.

I printed it with a 15% concentric infill to give it a little more flexibility. This also had the effect of dropping the 18 hour print with 20% honeycomb down to 12 hours (I reduce the number of perimeters from 3 to 2 when I use concentric infill since the outermost infill is basically another perimeter). 3 bottom layers and 5 top layers to give it a good top surface finish. I fit 2 at a time on my Creality CR-10 with the attached layout.

I printed at 100% and it turned out great. Only question I have is the wings of the dragon droop much more than the ones in your photos. Did you print at a different scale? Thanks.

My prints are at 100%. I have been getting some "Elephant foot" on my prints lately. which on the flexi prints causes the one side to not flex as much as it should. My original wing design I made had less joints in the wings but for me it had not enough flex. I will add that file also.

Thanks. i will try the less flex wings and let you kow how they turned out.

This is so cool! But how much infill? 5% seems kind of low...

5% is low I use 6 layers on my top layer which gives me a good surface and for larger prints it really saves on filament and time. But for the dragon if its going to be a toy higher infill I'm sure would be better for durability and added weight.

Every once in a while someone designs something and you are just in amazement at how perfect it is in every way. This is one of those models. From the hinging, to the wing design, to the included "tree support" in the main body, this design is just awesome! Couple that with how easy it is to print and how cool it looks, I just want to say thanks, I wish everything on Thingiverse were so well done.

Thank you for your kind words.