Replicator HBP Support Upgrade

by drandolph Nov 20, 2012
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I am about to make this on our laser cutter, and will hopefully help our problems with the build plate, along with aluminum plates on the sides of the arms.
One question: It seems like the holes in the horizontal plate for mounting the (vertical) back plate is 6mm, but the instructions say that it should be cut from 5mm - why is that? Are the back plates (and the angled one in front with the MB logo) in fact cut from 6mm, and the rest from 5mm?

So I just checked to see how much it would cost to have these cut out of 3/16" (4.76 mm) 5052 aluminum for $155. 1. would this work? 2. does this seem like a reasonable deal. I just installed bottleworks's aluminum arms (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39322)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..., so I figured why not go all aluminum.

Aluminum HBP Arms For The Replicator!

To get this cut yes it's a reasonable price but you don't need the additional support with bottle works arms. If you just want to get rid of the wood you would be best to stick with the original design without my support ribs. Those support arms are just because it uses wood that gets weak when hot and bends. An aluminum bottom wouldn't need it and the aluminum arms hold the wood so well it wouldn't flex if you tried. In other words bottle works arms negate the need for this but at a higher cost.

Thanks a ton for your response, after actually testing them out I have found that the arms make the bed rock solid.

AH, looks like you're sold out. Any plans for another run? I'd like to buy a kit if you do. This repeated leveling is pretty insane,

Sorry I'm not sold out i've just not been checking comments lately. Please send me an email at david@avidquestion.com and I'd be happy to make you up a kit and ship it out to you.

I would also like to buy a kit...

Please send me an email at david@avidquestion.com and I'd be happy to
make you up a kit and ship it out to you.

I would like to buy a kit just let me know where to pay

If you're still interested send me an email at david@avidquestion.com and I'd be happy to
make you up a kit and ship it out to you.

Would printing something like this in ABS be as strong as plywood?   

 No it would flex just as bad.

I've never had anything laser cut before - but would like to have someone make this for me.  Whats a reasonable price for this mod to cover time, materials, etc?

 I can sell you one of these for $25 which includes shipping. Price breakdown is $12 shipping, $10 for the wood,nuts,bolts and $3 for paypal to get their cut.

 It should be no more than $10-$15 at most plus shipping. I've had a few other people ask if I would cut one for them so give me a few days to figure out shipping cost and I can let you know what the final price would be. Also have to googled to see what hacker spaces are in your town? most of them have a laser cutter and its a good reason to check them out.

Amazing! I always thought that this sagging only was in the "free-carried" aluminium HPB plate, so just that one has to be stiffened/supported. 
Because of your results, it seems to turns out that the "secondary" warming up of the arms/wood also results in stress in that structure and contributes to deforming / sagging of the HPB. 
Just curious if a "heat shield" (kapton with foam or so) between HPB and plastic/wood carrier platform, also would contribute in less deforming warping / sagging of the HPB. Together with the nice upgrade you made of course.

There is some flexing in the plate and MBI even changed to thicker plates because of that. They also changed the plastic they use for the support arms. I just took the approach that wood bends less on its edge. There has been a lot of discussion of this on the google group and some people have insulated the top of the arms with aluminum foil.