Simplified bracket for Active Cooling Fan Duct - CTC / FlashForge

by thruit00 Jun 2, 2014
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how did you attach the new fan's power?

Please read instructions of the actual active cooling duct this braket is designed for. Or the improved version v2 which does not need this bracket. There you will find the answer to your question.

been using this for a couple of years on a couple of printers.

Just thought I'd say thanks :-)

Also find active zombies comment weird as the y axis stop hits the middle of the stepper motor, nowhere near the clip, and works just as well as it did without the clip.

I have been using this for several days now on my Flashforge Creator Pro clone from Microcenter, and have had zero problems. Been pretty much printing non-stop without a single issue.

Actually just finished printing another cooler, using the original cooler, so this cooler is a better cooled because I had the old cooler to cool it making my print pretty cool. Ha.

If I could make a request, could you extend the sides, and maybe thicken them up a tad. I'd like to put a couple of LEDs on the side to light up the printing plate.

Great gadget

I tried it. It fell off during a print. Ended up wrecking the fan.

This is a very clever way to mount the active cooling! Thanks to you, and the other parent Things, for pulling this together. Very, very cool!

It's great to see another version of my bracket for other types of printers!
Word of warning to Flashforge/Makerbot users: This design is missing the Arm that touches the Y-Axis stop sensor!
Without that missing part, you will Damage your printer! It will make an awful sound, grinding and trying to move the print head to the right further and further and never hit the stop sensor because this bracket is missing the arm. The bracket, any bracket, adds width to the print head which make it not make contact. That is why my original design includes an arm.

Wow, you name a lot horror scenarios for JakobWelners and my adaption of it.
Did you print and try my or JakobWelners thing or do you just think there could be a problem?
It works on both of my AX1058 printers without any of your predicted problems. And JakobWelners bracket works on my Duplicator 4. All AX1058 (FlashForge Crator & CTC Creator and some others) have the same mechanics and electronics and only differ in their case crew-position and type of wood. Your design (you name 'original') has a wider side arm and that's why you might have had trouble with the X axis end stop and you have needed the arm to avoid the problems you you mentioned above. The Y axis endstop you mentioned is not affected in any way even with your design. Basicly JakobWelner was influenced by your design when he picked up the idea to mount my fan duct without the long screws. The way his duct to extruder adapter is mounted is different and that's why I like it so much cause you can easily snap the front duct in and out if you're cleaning the extruders.
I have read the comments on your bracket. To avoid beeing blamed for problems people have with my duct and not your bracket you should JUST link to my duct and don't store a copy of my stl in your thing file list.