Creality Ender 3 / MKS Gen L Standalone PSU Enclosure - 4 Channel Relay Board

by KC3D-LLC Mar 22, 2019
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I really appreciate that you moded Hangtight's control box to not include the mosfet board, why waste filament on something that will never be used? However, I don't see a clear place to put the buck converters. Am i missing something? furthermore, am I supposed to use these parts in conjunction with Hangtight's original parts? Or is this its own stand alone?

Great design, I have it all printed and starting to put it together now. Could you provide the info for the connectors you used and how you set them up. Would i be able to find the necessary items on digikey?

I assume you're talking about the white connectors. They're JST-XH connectors. You can get a huge pack of them in tons of sizes on Amazon. You'll need a crimp tool as well, one made for this type of connector. I use the Engineer PA-09 tool, it works great.

You can absolutely crimp with regular pliers too - in fact, I never actually mastered the crimp tool and just gave up

How do you power your raspberry pi?

5V Buck Regulator

this is exactly what i needed.

Could you shoot a picture of how and where this goes on the machine? If it replaces the stock box does it bolt on the same? Thanks!

It's totally separate. For use when you want to remove the electronics from the printer so they don't have to bear the heat of an enclosed printer printing high temp materials where the inside of the printer enclosure can reach 50C+. You'll most likely have to extend the cables. Look at the original design.

This looks great! Got a link to what fan you used? Thanks!

It's a Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX. They're on Amazon