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by EriqJo Jun 2, 2014
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Is this still working? I see no options in customizer for female-male, height, thread. etc. All I can configure is single or array.

It's working now. There was some kind of weird bug with the "Global" group so I eliminated it. Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention and let me know if there are any other bugs you encounter!

Thank you so much. Going to fire up the printer and print some out now. I really appreciate it.

Is there anyway to modify this so I can get 40mm standoffs? I need 40mm female/female stand offs, so the only way to get it to work for me now is to include the thread length and make it the same diameter as the rest of the stand off, but when making it hex, the thread part is round. Thank you very, very much for this customizer.

You can set the "Thread Height" to zero to get a flat top on the standoff. There isn't a way to make a female-female, but I was planning on including that in the next rev. I might be able to get that out in the next few days.

Making a female-female stand off would be awesome. The only reason I added the thread height was because I needed longer stand-offs, closer to 40 mm. Again, much appreciated.

Sorry, I misunderstood your original post. I thought you were trying to make 40mm diameter standoffs not 40mm tall. V0.0.8 is now posted here. I increased the max height to 45mm. There is now the option to have a hole or flat top to the standoffs by selecting "Female" or "Flat" for Top Style.

NOTE: There is something buggy with the top hole depth. If you make it too deep (more than the body height) it seems to mess up the whole body.....

Hope this helps!

I took a look at your code to see if there were any bugs/snags that I was aware of. One thing I did notice is you are going to a lot of trouble to create a hexagonal prism. You can do this with cylinder(h = Body_Height, r=Body_Diameter/2, $fn=6). Also customizer is using an older version of openscad, which might not support "d" as a local variable in cylinder.
Good luck, those were the things I found.

Thank you so much for the help! I never would have figured out that it had to be based on radius, not diameter. I added the hexagon module while debugging because I didn't know if the $fn=6 was part of the incompatibility issue. I think everything should be working with this now.