2D Art Earth Globe

by GALAXYO_o Mar 23, 2019
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FWD: r/mapswithoutnewzealand

Looks great an is on its to my print queue.
Could you create an 2D Wall-Art Europe Map too?

Actually I've been thinking of it. I had in mind making a multi-colored topographic map of Europe. Still I don't really yet know how to make one, but I think I'll eventually figure it out.
This piece is basically a picture which an artist originally made, which i turned into a model. Sadly I don't have such artistic abilities, hence
I can't draw the map of Europe in such a beautiful way, so I can't really do anything similar for Europe. If someone draws a beautiful map of Europe and gives me the right to make a model of it, that I can do.

I love this, but Australia is cut off, otherwise I'd totally have this on my wall!

That´s because Australia doesn´t exist XD