Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Chocolate 3D printer Chocolate Extruder by MarVtec

by MarVtec Mar 23, 2019
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Sehr geil! Daumen hoch!... Respekt für dein Alter. Gruß vom alten Sack.

First of all, this looks like a revolution. second of all, is this compatible with all 3d printers?

If your printer has no closed housing it will work fine. It is compatible with most cheap 3d Printer from china, and expensive ones like ultimaker.

Hi i see this awesome project
what software and settings you use?
i am a baker (backermeister) and im looking for speed and temperatures.
What parts ar heated and what parts are cooled?


I am using simplify 3d and I am printing at 10mm/s. The syringe is heated at 33 Celsius and I keep the printed chocolate cold with computer fans.

This is really cool! I've been thinking about playing with something like this for a while.

I'm curious with the design, is there a reason you decided to mount the stepper motor to the side of the lead screw instead of above it? I'm wondering if having it mounted off center so far above the X carriage would cause more vibration problems than if it was on center.

Does the small to large gear ratio end up making a big difference compared to mounting it similar to the Z axis motors?

Love the project!

Hello, the gears are very important when it comes to force. With this gears you have much more force. And you need that force definitely. The motor is mounted on the side because of the Big Gears. There are no Vibration problems, because you arr printing very slow and their doesn't appear. It works fine...

Sehr gut gemacht! Weiter forschen!

Zehr gut! Great idea and congratulations on your presentation.

You should check this : https://www.miamfactory.com/impression-3d/
they have a working business with this. :)
Belgians and chocolate...

You must get invited to many Celebrations. All the unique chocolate party favors you can print. Fantastic!!!

I have always thought that would be the very next step in 3D printing! Amazing Idea and I will be making one of these for sure! Prost!