Lightsaber with internal components mega project!

by sirmakesalot Nov 20, 2012
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The crystal just kinda doesn't work with my slicing software...

I created a compatible blade design, the pieces should just snap together. It has the main blade and crossguards (like Kylo Ren's).

What is the outer diameter of the crystal chamber? also how tall is the whole crystal chamber assembly?

but where are the buttons suposed to go

Comments deleted.

Can anyone tell me how much it'll all weigh? My library charges us by grams.

Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.

I am using a monoprice 3d printer what is best way to size cap that is all I need to print

i generally use meshmixer to slice pieces into more peices if there too big and put them together if that helps any

I've finished the lightsaber, and I'm looking to mount it vertically on my wall.

Does anybody have a recommended wall mount for this?

If you have a blade, this one might work http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1263747

Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber Wall Mount
by mryupa

Hmm... may just download this to use the core parts as a guide for my own design! Meaning the outer chassis will be my own style but housing classic components. Thanks for the awesome upload.

Anyone try to fit the internal pieces into an MPP flash body? I'm a Vader with the 501st and have wanted to make a reveal version for awhile.

With those colors, it could be designed by Nintendo in the 80's - love it!

How did you guys get the cap to slide on Body2?
It isn't even close for me.

I know this is way too late for you, but for anyone else printing this, I did some measurements and you need to print the cap at 96.6% original size. It will then fit nice and snugly on Body2.

I also highly recommend printing the crystal from the remix here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:557812/#files
I was able to print it without any infill at all, and it looks amazing (I only recommend doing this if you're printing with a transparent filament). I found the remix a bit late in my printing progress, so I'm not sure if anything else there is worth it.

Lightsaber with internal components (Remix)

Dude you should put this in the description or reupload it at the correct size.
its 10 months later and i just had this same problem.

Unfortunately, the model is not mine or I would.

so this is how a lightsaber works. anyone else getting a rwby feel for a dust crystal?

Well... not exactly the same but I designed some Nerf launching gauntlets inspired by Yang's Ember Celica's.

The crystal renders wrong in MakerWare because the drawing normals aren't uniform.... what I did was put it through netfabb and problem solved... uploaded the file... available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1259456/#files

Lightsaber crystal Fixed

so strangely the crystal wont render with the makerbot slicer its comes out very "concave" and not solid like it should be. Anyone else having those issues? otherwise the first 50-100 layer print fine on the point.

i dont have a 3d printer. would anyone mind printing this for me and ill paypal u cash for the production costs?

The crystal would not print right, i turned it on its side, but it was still kinda messy. I use a davinci xyz 3d jr 1.0

i have the same question as m4t42. will it fit the m3d printer?

No unfortunately. In the program it says it will, but then when you click print and go through the process, it doesn't allow it. worst case scenario, I changed the body from 1.00 to .90. This may be late, but better a response now then never

Can anyone confirm the length of Body1 ? It looks like it's to big to print on my M3D printer (Max height 116mm)

looks like 113.666mm on my slicer..

Modded the battery pack to fit batteries.
Intending to fit electronics in mine.

Just printing mine out now but with rebels, this will need some serious modding ;)

Who jedi weapon you trying to make? there is a kanos lightsaber.

I printed the whole thing out and must say I love the design!! There are a couple of things that I think need some fixing. I recreated the whole thing using the parts printed from your design. Pretty tight tolerance.. With the revisions I have made, the cap "should" slide onto the body. I have also put a ring around the three tabs that are prone to break off and the internal parts will be tight in the case. I noticed that they were a little short from top to bottom.. I created a crystal as my slicer didn't like the STL of the one on here.. I will post in the next week or so after I print it all out.. I will be sure to link yours. Awesome job on designing this!!! I tried to keep it as close to the original design as I could.. (All done in Designspark Mechanical and printed on Zortrax M200) I will also post pics of the first print when I get a chance.. Keep up the great work!!!! Not sure I could have pulled this design out of my head.. What did you use to model this?

can we all have a link to your changes.

Rotate the files to your liking. I got lazy when I saved them.. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:557812

Lightsaber with internal components (Remix)

file for the original crystal?
the one shown is different from the stl and to be honest i think it looks cooler

This is an awesome model! I just can't figure out where the "buttons" go....

i also can't figure this out was hoping to find the answer here

So i'm new at this and was wondering if I should change the speed of the extruder and how fast it travels to get the best quality.

it depends on the printer something like an Ultimaker can deliver the same print quality at almost any speed, but most printers for the best quality print you should print at around 40mm/s. But it still really depends on the printer. To answer your question slow you print at higher quality your print will be.

Che figata!! (sorry in italian sounds better!) Really a great job!!

Awesome - I look forward to the print!

I think body1 and body3 are meant to be glued together as well, but body3 and body2 should snap-fit. However I managed to snap off one of the three prongs on body2 several times now. Any advice on how to get these to work nicely? Otherwise you can't take the thing apart to show the internals...

Found the comments on Jerry_XYZ's make of this, with the solution of filing body2 in three places to make the parts slide into place and rotate to lock. That's a good idea, I'll try this and report.

I am working on something like this as a new post...stay tuned!

I printed this off, and I noticed that the Cap and the Body2 are suppose to slide on to each other, but the slot on the cap is not big enough. Is this part of the design? or do I need to sand down Body2 so it will fit?

The cap has a support ring on the inside that needs to come out. Use needle nose pliers and clean up the edge and it will fit the body section.

Ah, cool, I wondered how to fix it.

I pulled the small support ring out, and I noticed that there is about a .5 to 1mm gap around the body2 to cap. so the cap is loose and does not stay on. or this does not matter just glue it together?

Just glue it up! It was meant to be glued on. I left a wide tolerance in the parts as some peoples profiles could be better or worse. I found with the Replicator accelerated defaults I was getting very slightly oversized parts.

same with my Replicator. I print at .2mm layers at normally 50-60mm a second. If I set something to 2mm I will get 2.17mm after it prints. Thanks again for you help. This item is awesome!

Glad you like it! I thought it would be a hit here on the 'verse!! Be sure to post a pic of your copy!!

can you make a youtube video about this print?

This is pretty cool. Love the detail. My 0.5mm dia nozzle has proven a bit challenging on some of the thinner wall items, especially "body1.stl" and "amp chamber.stl". Better slicing success will be likely with a 0.35 mm nozzle.

I made a crystal that works without support, if you want the .stl I will email it to you for your work in progress - PM me

I would love the crystal .stl

There is a crystal file already up there. If one is to be a true Jedi one must collect their own. For me it meant I hand made mine. ;)

If I can find my file Ill shoot it over.

I'd like a copy of that support-less crystal!

Has anyone sliced and printed Body1 with a 0.5 mm nozzle? My printer's struggling with that one (slic3r 0.9.7, and 0.7.2b both). The thin walls seem to be an issue. Suggestions welcome.

You might try running it through Netfab cloud service. Or try scaling it up a very small amount. Perhaps that would work. I am unfamiliar with slic3r and use a .4 nozzle.

I definitely need one of these :-)

How long until Lucas sues?

not Lucas...Disney...even worse ;)

Awesome! Your pieces look really nice! I'm guessing you need supports on some of the other pieces as well (like the amp chamber)?

All components will print without support with exception of the current crystal model.

The crystal looks like it could be printed in two halves and joined afterwards. If the angles were carefully crafted it might even print as a shell only.

I suspect good Jedi warriors are adept at making a crystal that correctly focuses their own energy. Because they will be attuned to the force and their tools ;-)

Eek old post but just had to reply :p
Jedi don't make or grow the crystals. Apparently, according to disney, jedi are chosen by the crystals!

Vader is Sith so his crystal is synthetic.

I will be revisiting the crystal soon. I know it isn't the best solution and I opted to hand fabricate one for myself, it is the Jedi way.

i am now really disappointed in myself that i haven't printed something like this before now

Redeem yourself by printing it! :)

its going as we speak

Do I have a choice but to make this one day?

Would it be possible to get a zip/rar with all the parts in one file?

The zip file is up!!

Thanks a bunch!