CR10/CR10S Control Box Removal (All in One) / Y Axis Linear Rails Mod

by tophattwaffle Mar 24, 2019
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Hi...can i put this linear rails in a CR10 S PRO ?

Has anyone used the Linear Rail mounts with larger leveling knobs? something along the lines of this...


CR-10 Precision Thumbdial
by idig3d

I didn't want to use knobs since the goal was less moving parts. They may still fit in the opening, but don't know for sure.

Thanks for the reply. I already have a MGN12 rail system installed, but your rail plates are vastly more elegant than the thing I printed from another designer.

Thing is I can't afford the leveler yet. hehe

I hadn't even thought of this. I just bought everything on the BOM to finish this mod, and I already have those exact thumb-dials.

If I am able to finish this this weekend, I will reply here with an answer!

Thank you!. I'd really appreciate your input.

Awesome Job!!

I have a 10S and have been looking at mounting the boxes below for some time, been too busy to figure it out. Also have been looking at linear rails mod.
You gave us a "two 'fer!" LOL!

Is there any chance you could share the original design files? I would need to make some changes for my setup as I've replaced my control box with a Duet Maestro setup. (AH MAZE ING!) For one thing the board mount points are different, and I'm not using the original display.

Right now I'm running on a 24" Sony AIO PC (monster touch screen, LOL) but will be running it on a 10" tablet so I'll have to change the mounting of that as well.

I'm still a bit of a n00b in Fusion 360, but I've been learning it for almost two years, I'm getting there. Haven't posted many, but I've done a bunch of remixes and a number of fairly simple original designs, I'm sure I can handle the mods.

Having done the "working with a mesh" for mods thing and it's enough to make you want to scream sometimes, so if you could post the files ... :-)

Please? (He asks in him most imploring voice ...)

If you don't want to I'll get it, still love the work you put into this! Later!

Using your print settings of 35% infill, how much filament do you think this is going to take? I need to order some PETG before doing this mod.

Simplify 3D reports:
Filament length: 202461.1 mm
Plastic weight: 608.72 g (1.34 lb)

Oh great, under 1kg. Thank you!

Hi would like to do this mod but i have CR10 not s.So what part you think is fitt or what need mods.Thank you for your work,this is the real mod what more people should do.Special the linear rails.Best mod to me ever.Thank you

As of right now (3/25/2019) the only part that may not work is the screen holder for the control box removal. The rest should be good to go. I'll be working on my standard CR10 with this mod soon.

Thank you for your replay,now i try to print out everything,and if it is not fit am vaiting for your new CR10 mod.This is far the best mod anybody could have.Thank you

I own a CR10S S4 (400 x 400 mm bed). it would be nice to have the right bed support plate for it, do you think you can make one please?

I don't have a S4 so I am unable to get proper dimensions for the base plate to enlarge the rail plates. However since that machine already has 2x 2040 extrusions, it may be faster and faster to drill the plate out and use those. Using a printed part for the plate mounts would result in loss of Z height.

i can surely get all dimensions for you soon. otherwise sharing the source files maybe (even though my cad experience is not that great)

i don't mind too much losing less than a cm of height for the right support. I reckon seeing a adapter for the mgn carriage to the bed plate somewhere i may be able to use it. and yes, the plate is dead heavy (one of the few issues with this printer)