Foldable Tablet / Phone Stand - No Screws!

by Mike-vom-Mars Mar 24, 2019
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Well designed, but a pain in the butt to print. I'd like to see a version that requires no need for support if possible.

Check my remix. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3854046 . My makerbot was being funny about making support material for the last piece so I did a slight re-design

And I guess i should also mention because of the extra rounding it doesn't fold 100% flat.

Foldable table stand Remix

It's actually quite easy to print using Cura and the right settings (which depend a bit on your printer, of course). I had no problems to print a couple of this stands on my Anet A8 using ABS filament.

Main Settings:

Layer height: 0.2mm
Line width: 0.48mm
Top / Bottom line width: 0.58mm
Wall thickness: 0.8mm
Top / Bottom thickness: 0.8mm
Top layers: 4
Bottom layers: 4
Infill Pattern: Cubic
Infill Density: 25%
Minimum Infill Area: 10mm²

Support Overhang Angle: 80
Support Pattern: Grid
Support Line Distance: 6
Support Top Distance: 0.4
Support X/Y Distance: 1.5

Ill give those a try. I usually swap between one of my custom printers, a Lulzbot Mini V1 (Upgraded w/ AeroStruder/Modular Build Plate System), Lulzbot Taz, or Ultimakers.

Also, do you happen to know if the iphone 5 will fit in the hooked area?

I am an Android guy, so I can't answer that, sorry.

May i ask why the recommendation to increase your flow by 5-10%?

I usually print and design my models for a flow of ~105%. If printed with less flow, it may happen (especially for very small parts) that they do not fit as they should. That's why I add this information. Personally, I prefer a slightly higher flow since it gives a better layer adhesion and compensation for irregular filament diamters.

But if you have to increase your flow always, you should recalibrate your extruder. Good that I ignored that hint because mine is ok, sometimes even a bit to much.
Printing second part right now. Thanks for the stand.

It's because I usually print with ABS and increasing the flow a little bit gives a much better layer adhesion.

Just what I wanted. Required a bit of dremeling to clean out the front tube.

ahora parece que ya esta arreglado. un poco raro. bueno yo lo he tenido que arreglar en NX11 estaban los modelos separadas sus partes. como si le faltase ser unido mediante booleanas.

Buen diseño. he encontrado un pequeño problema en el diseño a la hora de meterlo al simplify. al final lo he podido arreglar. paso los modelos 3d.

I use to check all my models in Netfabb before uploading and Netfabb did not report or show any errors. Also Cura prints them fine.

However, I updated the files now with exported versions from Netfabb so they should print fine now with other slicers, too.

Isn't this just a remix of Hachmeister's stand (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2587809).

New Hook Shape

Lol, that's a funny co-incidence since I never saw Hachmeister's stand. Thanks for letting me know.

But there is a simple reason why both look so similar: the design of this stand is a natural result if you a) don't want to use any screws and b) if you want it to be foldable. Then you are literally forced to use such a design as a logical conclusion.

However, Hachmeister placed the arms at the inner side, so his stand can't be folded as far as I can see. I did this "mistake" too with the first design of my stand but placed them on the outer sides later on.

Probably depends on your perspective and where the designer started from... did they start with the other model and modify it? Or did they start from an older concept/design (this mechanism is found in deck chairs for example) and design from scratch.