Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

OpenRC Trial Truck - A 1:10 scale 8x8 trial truck

by SiScoOpenRC Apr 25, 2019
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OMG that Tatra is great!I am very much look forward to youtube video!Please make it soon, I will do it at your project and send you some donate.

At first thanks for this great model. i print only cab, it takes me around 150hours (40% fill with speed 40)
i need to cut bottom parts in meshmixer for shorten time and eliminate support print.

I think I printed all the cab parts at <20% infill, and i have never broken a single piece, making them thinner for show parts is definitely a good idea.

Čus, máš to fakt supr, moc se těším na video!

TL;DR: Yes those seem to be the right ones (6mm bore), but I would check out other listings to get them cheaper.

Those do look like they are the same ones, make sure you get the 6mm bore ones. As mentioned in the spreadsheet, the ones linked there say 7mm on the listing, but they are actually 6mm bore. I would recommend you to check this link and see if any of these ship to the US. Ebay These listings are just about the same price, but they come with 2 gears instead of 1. Good luck with the build!

Gosh dangit, another project for me lol. This thing looks amazing, great work!

Gosh dangit, another project for me lol. This thing looks amazing, great work!

good work. wouldn't there be a list of parts needed to buy?

The thing files include a sourced parts spreadsheet.

I'm sorry I didn't notice. I already found it.

It looks really good, what printer and settings are you using for the gears? Also how strong are the suspension components? Im asking because i had to beef up the ones in this model a lot for them to be strong enough to not break under heavy use.

Hello, the printer is Prusa i3 Mk1. The whole is pushed from PLA 0.2 mm layer, filling 30 - 80%. The endurance of the overall design is not yet able to determine how much it is a prototype and it is not yet completed. But so far it holds and works, I'll see in time

Thanks for letting me know! Also what did you base your steering components/ geometry on, because I had to make mine up and I have to admit my steering components/ geometry look pretty bad compared to yours.

Thanks for the support, I already own one Tatra 813 8x8 1:10 colossus (which is still under construction) and the control is taken from there as in the original version 1: 1. Just now it's adjusted to a 1:14 scale


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Hi, good bless you for this, don't you know how many times per day I'm search for files like that. love them. I want to make a 4x4 based on that transmission and suspension. it's it possible? another question: can I resize for any scale a want? ex: 1/16

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TL;DR: Yes, No

Yes it is possible for you to make a 6x6 or 4x4 version very easily. All of the axles are essentially modular, so you could make a 4x4 based on this, but you would need to redesign the cab and use an appropriate gearbox, which fits. The suspension and axles are individual modules so you could simply space them out slightly differently for your 4x4.
To answer your second question, resizing this would be very hard and would pretty much require a full redesign of all of the mechanical parts. The size of the truck is dependent on how small you can make the steering components and the gears on the driveshaft. The way i see it, you would need to have a very capable printer to make parts that small reliably. If you only want to make a non functional model you can definitely make it any scaly you want.

Thanks, I'll try to build a 10th scale so. thanks for sharing this awesome truck project

I've been working on this for almost 2 years now. I will be publishing a massive video series regarding this truck in a few months or so, so definitely look out for that!

wow, 2 years :| ... well maybe you dont have the time, to do it in 500 hours :D that was a long time, i really love the maz, i believe its very expensive to buy one, i have 4 rc's now, trx4, hobao mte super, slash 4x4, vandal buggy, but not yet the MAZ, god help me!