Customizable dual words illusion AKA "I Love You" sign

by rsheldiii Mar 25, 2019
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the signe ♥ dont touch the ground ... so...

yeah, that's due to the font. if you search around for another font, you might be able to find one where it connects. The sideways heart connects, but isn't tall enough; I'm still searching for a monospace font with all similar letter heights

Is it possible to have the first string to face forward that the second becomes visible when viewed from the side?

I'm not sure I understand, do you mean for the first word the letters are all straight (y = 0), and then the second word reveals itself at an offset? if you rotated the letters 45 degrees in the code and switched to a 45 degree angle difference that could work, you'd have to do that outside of customizer right now though

I believe each word used must have the same number of letters in it.
Worth mentioning in the description

that was originally by design, but thinking about it, there's a good way to make phrases of different lengths work together. Give it a try again, it should work better now


first - great design and customizer!

unfortunately my sentence does not work,
whilst counting spaces as letters it has the same amount in both sentences, but the spaces are on different positions.
i can kinda make it work when costomizing the parts and rearranging them by hand, but this is a lot of work and does not look as good as a working sentence created solely with the customizer

can you help? thanks in advance

X = letter
O= space


That should work, it will just have blocks instead of spaces. you could add a space to the front of the second word to sync up that first space, or drop the spaces altogether, but otherwise I don't know what you could do

I went with ignoring orthography, it's for sh1ts and giggles anyway


Dual words illusion AKA "I Love You" sign: "Love yourself"
by p00ta

Thanks!!! that was fast.
It works beautifully now.

WIll post a make when I've printed it out.