Tardis with drawers

by MakeALot Nov 23, 2012
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All i can say and not made it yet but wow great support from the maker! cheers

has anyone tried to make this on a monoprice maker select v2, if so what dimensons did you use for the drawers and doors

Oh WHY are there no replies!?!?
Guess I'll just have to try making one to find out. I don't plan on changing anything from the files.

Can this be printed without supports? That's a pretty long gap to bridge at the top of the tardis, even with the model laying down on its back.

I did, maybe I was young and reckless. What have you got to lose?

You DID?? How'd it come out? Are there pictures?

The pictures are the ones here

A lot of time and filament if it doesn't work. :)

thank you works well, very good.

How much filament would you say you use for the whole set?

I haven't made one for 4 years, you could ask the guy who made this one http://www.thingiverse.com/make:244072

Tardis with drawers

I can't get the doors to fit in without breaking them. Any help would be great.

Insert the door in the bottom hole, bend the door slightly along its length, insert into top hole and release the bend to insert the lug in the top hole.

The drawers aren't fitting into the Tardis, we have to push extremely hard to get them in and out. Should the drawers be smaller, or something taken out of the Tardis?

You'll probably find that it's due to your X,Y and Z axis being slightly out of calibration. Try printing a 20mm cube and check the dimensions in each direction. Then calibrate your machine accordingly. Alternatively, you could re-scale the drawers to fit, You'll need to work out where they're touching to see which dimensions to change. Or you could just sand the draws a bit it they're not too tight.

You didn't post actual instructions under instructions. How do we put it together? How do we put the doors on? What the hell does light.stl mean?

I'm not your Mum! Look through the comments and use your head :)

It's FREE from payment, from responsibility and from guilt.
BTW, where I come from, if you want something for nothing, you ask nicely!

You'll also find that the format of Thingiverse has changed since 2012, some things got moved around, some things got lost.

are you my mummy?

Haha, I might be, you'll never know for sure!

Can anyone give me advice of which drawers are the best to print out and use and which arent. Thanks!

Mine didnt do so well but only because the printer at the college is kinda crappy. I am now trying to half all the sizes and see how well that works out. I will try to let you know how well that works out. :)

The total height is out of my machine !

Comments deleted.

Currently 60% done with the main body print. I am printing at 95% size, 3 outer layers, .2mm, 15% infill, blue PLA that came with my new printer. I was really worried about how it started printing, noticing the extreme distance it was going to have to bridge. I did print a few things prior to this, one being a light switch cover that had some bridging far shorter than this was. As I was needing to leave for work, I was going to let it go and check back on break(live a mile away), right before I checked in on it one last time and it had 4 passes on the long bridge... it looked really good. I did watch a little longer and it was having some issues with the diagonal fills in between the shorter bridges off the main one.

After checking in a couple times, I noticed it is warping on the sides(top and bottom actually) of the print. It doesn't look like too much, and I have it on blue tape which is still stuck to the print, it is just lifting off the bed a little. I will see how it turns out and post the results and photo after I get all the parts together. Thanks for the upload.

I look forward to seeing it :)

I posted a Make. http://www.thingiverse.com/make:98497 The back didn't turn out as well as I thought from the first couple passes I saw on the bridges. Did you print yours with back down or up? In the photo up top, it looks like the back is up on your print bed. What settings were you using? Any specific brand of PLA? And... and ideas on clean up? I have a couple, but probably won't get to it til after work tonight. Thanks again.

Tardis with drawers

How do you install the doors to the main body without anything/everything breaking? Tried twice and now the door frame is dented and the peg that holds the doors in their holes are broken, and I have to print new ones.

Insert the door in the bottom hole, bend the door slightly along its length, insert into top hold and release the bend to insert the lug in the top hole.

I had warping and cracking issues. I just used the default Replicator settings. What should I do?

Warping is generally due to poor bed adhesion. I use Elmer's glue stick on my bed and I never have any problems with warping ( I have had many problems with many other methods in the past). As far as cracking, this could also be due to the warping, but it's more likely due to poor layer adhesion. This can be caused by poor flow ( due to incorrect temperature) or by things like the AC pointing directly at the print. Warping is normally a problem for ABS prints, not PLA, so I'd start by turning the temperature up a little and see if that helps.
You must get your bed level before you start.
Good luck!

Printed down nicely. Thanks for the project!

Repetier shows a warning on the body that object is "not manifold", which usually causes slicing problems. And eventually, after slicing, the part is wrong: split in two parts horizontally, and completely filled.

Any advice?

Although I personally haven't had the problem you identified, I ran it through Netfabb and it has fixed an error. Maybe you can try the body STL with the extension "_netfabb" I just uploaded?

The _netfabb version worked for me as well to correctly generate gcode with a hollow interior! On an unrelated note, I'd like to know if anyone thinks support material would improve the bottom (back) side of the main body.

Yes, this version worked! Thanks, I'll now be able to try the print.

Do you recommend any infill for the large body piece? I started and cancelled it last night due to bridging issues on the back doors and a bit of a messy look on 'floor' of the build while starting the next level. I was trying it with 0% infill, but guessing I need to use some?

I used 10% infill.

Thanks again, will give it another go this weekend....

Honestly, I'm pretty hesitant to print this as is on my Replicator 2.....the top of that main body is def too far to bridge. Anyone tried printing it standing on its base?

I printed mine on a Replicator 2 in the orientation shown. :)

Thanks.....just a bit gun shy, that would suck to have a problem after 80% was done....must be a long print job too. Thanks for your reply!

I can't get the download link to work.

The individual files are downloading OK, but for some reason the zip isn't :(
You could either try each separately or maybe wait an hour and try the zip again.

="thingiverse-2051bd70fc110a2208bdbd4a743e7f79:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-2051bd70fc110a2208bdbd4a743e7f79/MakeALot, can you make a light with a hole for an LED light and another slightly larger hole for the main body so then the wires can fit?

This looks FANTASTIC! I hope it prints well. I'm new to the whole 3D printing thing, so what can you recommend as far as settings go? (Printing this with ABS)

I don't think you'll be able to print it in ABS, you'll have a problem with warping given its size.
I recommend you use PLA, 0.2-0.25 mm layer height and reasonably fast to help with the bridging on the back doors.

You might be lucky, but I'd try some smaller things first until you get the hang of your printer and all it's foibles, but good luck anyway. Please let me know how you get on.

Can someone post the download link?

Something wrong with the "Download This Thing!" button?

Yup... I can't click on it. Using Dolphin browser on my phone.

It might work if you turn you phone to landscape mode. The problem with the new site design is that it detects the browser size when determining which layout to use, therefore it'll only work with a sufficiently wide browser area.

Try this until they fix it http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35167/ziphttp://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
Alternatively , wait until you get to your build machine and download it from a workstation browser.

Tardis with drawers

this is a beautiful Tardis, but I've not been able to get the back to print decently - two tries, both stringy messes because it's trying to bridge such a huge distance. That being said, I'm printing in PLA, not ABS, so bridging is trickier.

Are people printing this using support? Are you printing in ABS or PLA?Perhaps it's worth adding some supports?

I've tried ABS and I have also not successfully printed yet. I've tried this a number of times scaled at 50% standard, fine and coarse settings. I was making on a Replicator using Makerbot filament. Supports didn't help much when I tried them, the center spar comes out incomplete, with or without rafts. The larger problem is separation between layers. The separation is worse at the bottom of the model. If the floor thickness were beefed up, I think it might print better.

Makerware settings: Standard: 10% fill, 2 shells, .20 mm layer height. FIne: 10% 2 shells, .10 layer height; Coarse: 10%, 2 shells, .30 layer height.

You'll probably find that at 50% scale the panels are too thin, try a larger scale.

I've made all of mine using PLA on a Replicator 2. The cooling fan is pointing directly at the filament output and cools it very quickly. If I turned off the cooling fan, it would not bridge.   I expect that support would work well, it only needs to support the first 3mm.

What print settings have people found optimal (shell etc)

This was printed with the standard "Medium" settings in Makerware.

Whats that for those of us not in the Makerware world?

About how much does the finished print weigh? I'd like to work out cost and how much filament I need left on a spool.  Thanks!

Depends on the scale, nozzle size, layer
height and infill. At full scale (230mm high), using a 0.4mm nozzle, layer height of 0.27 mm and an infill of 10%, resulted in a Tardis weighing
326g and drawers weighing 219g, giving a total of 545g.   Which
is about 1lb 3oz in old money ;-)

What would it cost to buy one? I "need" one on my desk to hold my paper clips and things!

How does the bottom features turn out. A lot of overhangs?

Not bad. I've included a picture of the back before any clean up.  Obviously, not as good as the sides and modelled slightly differently but good enough. I was careful to make sure each of the changes in level was a straight bridge.

It's bigger on the inside than the outside.

The wonders of 3D printing - Orthographic projection :-)