Adjustable filament spool holder with ball bearings

by FAVetronics Mar 25, 2019
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Like the idea but seems odd to have so much play in all the parts and use ball bearings. The only part that is a good fit is the pin for the inside of the bearings, the rest have far too much clearance.

I'd also cut down the sharpest edge of the U groove in the rollers to make it print nicely without needing supports.

Beikeland, i have the exact same problem. There is just to much clearance for my printer aswell (Ender 3)

Thank you for your comment.
I don't agree that there's to much play, when mounting the bearings in the wheels - I have to add some force to get them inside.
It should not be necessary to use support - the one in the picture is printed without support - but I can see that I've checked "yes" in "use support" - I'll fix that.
Maybe you want to take a look at Alien Leaf's smooth version?

Smooth, adjustable filament spool holder with ball bearings

Loaded your wheel .stl in fusion, sketched the 22mm OD for the bearing as the dotted line. ID for the wheel is 22.5mm. I rest my case.

I see what you mean and you are right, I have 0,5 mm slip for the OD of the bearing.
This is a value that fits my printers (i3 MK3S and Ender 3 Pro, both with 0,4mm nozzle), so that the final printed result fits.
Can I ask how much slip you would use - and on which printer?

0.1mm for press fit, and 0.15-0.2mm for slip fit. Up! Mini 2 and DIY kossel mini. Both with 0.4mm nozzle. I guess there will be some variance across the thingiverse when it comes to fit

Actually, my first go was with 0,2mm slip, but I couldn't make the bearing fit easily, so I increased gradually to 0,5 before I had something I believed everybody could print.
Your'e right about the great variance...

Great idea, I've build case for my 3D printer any my current filament spool holder makes so much noise that I've decided to buy ball bearings with idea of modeling something similar to your model :) and now I see I do not have to do it myself ;) thank you :)

Thanks for the nice words :-)
You might also want to take a look at Alien Leaf's smooth version

Smooth, adjustable filament spool holder with ball bearings

Good idea. I built a similar part without the adjustment. In my opinion, you do not need ball bearings. I have no built in and it works perfectly.

Agreed, the ball bearings are pure luxury :-D
They just make it roll more silently and smooth...

Very cool design, Im going to use this for my mmu2 spools. Seems smoother, and uses less space. Only one improvement I can think of, maybe have something that can lock the sliding piece so it doesnt move. Perhaps a hole or something that you can put a screw through (like a pc case screw that is bigger, you can use your thumbs to screw it in)

Thanks for the kind words.
I considered a screw, but I think it will only be in the way, when changing between different spool sizes.
When I load a spool I place one side in the movable part and adjust until it fits the fixed part.
There are no stability problems in my setup and I normally operate with 3 spool sizes.

What kind of bearing does it use? (Also, why is this tagged NSFW?)

I've updated the description with bearing type (508zz / ABEC-1)
About the tag: Thanks for notifying me. I've changed the tags and asked Thingiverse what has happened.

I've looked around, and from what I can see, the dimensions of the 508ZZ is identical to the 608ZZ, and while I can only find 508ZZs on AliExpress and eBay etc, 608ZZs are available EVERYWHERE. Can you shed some light on a possible compatibility?

The ones I've used are the ebay types ;-) but it seems your right - 608 is the common series.
As long as the outer diameter is 22mm and the hole is 8mm, you should be safe.

I'm sorry that I can't say more - maybe there's an other user, that knows the difference between the 508 series and the 608 series - it could be interesting...

Just posted a make of this one, successfully used 608ZZ ball bearings. 10/10!

I'm almost done printing this one, and I'm getting some 608ZZs tomorrow after work. I'll let you know if they fit. ;)

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Any chance you could break the stl file down to individual files.


I've uploaded the design as single parts