Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing

by BoothyBoothy Mar 26, 2019
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Boothy you have done it again bro.this is very nice and puts mine to shame.

Thanks Yaxisme, there is also a version with an integral fan shield here:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3519227
Sadly when my deal of the day Ender 3 arrived it appeared to be repackaged and the PSU did not work. I kept it a few days and tried a few tests with another PSU of a printer and you were totally correct the results were amazing for the price bracket. I have since returned to Amazon and have ordered a Ender 3 Pro which ticks a few boxes for the extra upgrades. I am therefore having to design a housing for the Pro because the motherboard enclosure is inverted. Please see attached image. Time not wasted if others are enjoying it. Best Boothy

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

I am thinking of getting a e3 pro myself. For some odd reason my old e3 won't print right, it keeps building globs bigger every level. I tried just about everything but am open to suggestions?

Creality Ender 3 PRO SD Card Adapter Housing

When you say globs every level, is this bigger globs every layer ? Are you using simplify 3d? can you set a specific start point for the z seam on a test print so to identify if this is a retraction issue, when was the last time you changed the nozzle ? Have you upgraded the extruder are the springs OK ? What temps and speed are yoy printing at. Are you using Nery`s profiles they are quite good but the high temp sometimes used do not always work the best. I am sure you have tried all these things. Making sure the boden tube is set tight to the hotend is critical I believe with the Creality set up to make sure that filament is not gathering between the tube and the nozzle. Again, apologies I am sure you have done all these things. Best Boothy

great look and design, 1 request, is it possible to have the usb come out the right side just to clean it up. Thinking when I do install Octoprint the housing will to the right and even though I won't need the sd card anymore I will probably still leave the adapter just because of the cool look of the adapter. That way it would clean it up, not see the cord and protect it from nosey kids

I have uploaded a remix with an integrated fan shield\cowl. I have also included 2 cable knockouts at the right hand end (you may need to cut\trim with side cutters) to allow your USB cable to immerge from that face (see attached image)
FYI Link:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3519227

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

I don't need this with my printer (runs on octoprint and my Marlin config has the SD disabled), but wanted to say this looks great. The ratcheting stop block is a great idea.

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

Many thanks for the positive support, on request I am currently testing a revised design with an integrated fan cowl and shield. The ratchet design was inspired by the remodelling of my daughter`s Ford Fiesta parcel shelf clips ! Best Boothy

That's beautiful. Will have to throw out my old fan cowl now

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

Nice work, i'm gonna print and test it. Like Konqi said, it's problematic for a fan guard mod like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3155772

Ender 3 Fan Cover

You may want to hold fire, I am currently revising with an integrated fan duct, will test print and upload tomorrow if successful. Best Boothy

Ok, today i'm currently printing mounts for damps on X&Y. I really need to learn how to design parts and stop asking for everything :)

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

I like the design, but it uses the same screws that a lot of fan guards, that's a problem because it's incompatible with one of the most popular "mod" to the ender 3

Ender 3 SD Card Adapter Housing with Fan Cowl\Shield

Any in particular so I have reference ?