Wall Mount for Prusa Multiple Materials 2S Filament Buffer

by FloatingCam Mar 25, 2019
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Did you print the dividers on a larger printer or shrink it to fit on the prusa built plate? Seems you and I came to the same conclusion and that's awesome as I use the exact same configuration. I need to print another buffer box box the dimensions are an issue is why I ask. I'm now wondering if it can work if scaled down to fit.

I used a larger printer. The file s-buffer-plate.dxf is what I started with which is posted with the SCAD files on Prusa's github. My MMU2S upgrade is still on back-order so I haven't seen what Prusa is actually shipping. I needed a solution ASAP so I worked with what was available.

I am thrilled with how well it functions but I'd like it to have more finger room on the printer side. When I am doing that re-design I will try making a smaller divider, one that the average printer could print. The pictures from Prusa show a smaller version, as theirs only has four s-buffer-spacer parts and the plates I created have six.

Nice addition... I've a question. How hard is it to feed the filament in. I assume left goes to left and right goes to right or am I wrong? Seems like it would be difficult/frustrating to get it from the top tube to the bottom tube.

Good question.

It is no problem at all.

1) Start by pushing the filament into the buffer until you see where the end comes out.

2) If the end doesn't come out in the right spot hold on to it and continue to push in filament into the buffer. The coil will appear in the correct corner making it easy to pull the filament end into that corner.

Great! Thanks. Your solution for mounting it vertical looks like a good one. Prusa’s spool holders too up way too much space.