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Helix e3D Compatible Hotend Mount for Maker Ultimate/Wanhao Duplicator6

by DecoyPlatypus Mar 26, 2019
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Hello! Great job!
But can you little fix this model - enlarge tubes for bearings to 12mm or 11,9?

Due to real life, I probably can't get to it in the next two weeks, but I'll see what I can do. are they just a little too tight for you?

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Sorry for long delay in answer.
I reflected about your model. When I started work with it i was surprised when front gantry hit to front shaft - there was not enough distanse to endstop. Also bigger distanse between shafts set me to thinking.
So then, I have a half of mind that your printer can be little bit different than my Wanhao Duplicator 6.

I was tried to make gantry like original gantry but with mount place for e3d. Sad, but I have no enough skills for make it with enoguh precesion, and I have failed.

Anyway I will be glad to see changed model.

(sorry for my english)

There is a cylinder with the model to print and add to the endstop so the gantry won't hit the front of the printer

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If you post the files from Fusion/Solidworks/whatever CAD program you used to make it, then we can fix it too.

Nice work!
Do you have any means of tightening / fixing LM6LUU's?
What is the exact distance between X and Y rod layers and between individual rods in X and Y groups?
Bowden could be indeed a nice next step, but direct BMG could do well too.

I don't have the details handy, but I'll get some updated info on rod spacing when I update the model next.

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Thanks! The bearings actually friction fit pretty tightly. I press mine in with a clamp or vice. this thing is lightweight compared to the block that it replaces, and currently I am experimenting with a Bowden setup to move the extruder stepper off of the moving carriage.
I also have an updated version with improved cooling that I'll upload next week hopefully.

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I'm intending to make a customized version of BMG, that would go directly, without bracket, that is needed with the original make. The max option would be the new carriage, similar to yours, maybe using single rods like UM, assembly for hotend as you did and maybe 2x 4010 radial fans for part cooling (worked better for me than a single 5015). On top back 1/2 of BMG could be seated to make it all lighter without extra mount assembly.
The duct you are using looks very convincing. How does the 5015 work for you?

The 5015 I think is fine. I do have a little trouble with cooling because the ducts are too small I think. I need to enlarge them a bit and experiment more with it.

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