Scorpion Iphone 4 Snap Fit Case/Bumper

by BrandonW6 Nov 21, 2012
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I think this is a great iPhone 4 cover. My old iPhone thanks you.
I loved this item I put it on YouTube. https://youtu.be/FzwCSgObgfE
I hope you don't mind.

which cad software do you use to make these? i printed this and it is amazing i would like to create my own

I wanna know too!

i wish i could have a phone so i could make that

Could you send the Inventor Files

Thanks Brandon! My first print that got printing in the quality i was looking for! (Took me a while......) ????

what infill do you recommend?

I used 0 infill the second time, with infill, my printer went berserk filling the thin walls.

I had mine set to 0.25 infill.

Alright, ill have a pic of mine up in a few hours when it gets done.. the whole print felt creepy lol
haven't quite got the temps set right so little drawn out things like this on the first layer dont lift

i wrecked mine pulling it off the bed :(
could you make the back a little thicker?

Ok, what kind of printer are you using?  PLA or ABS?
When I printed mine, I had to lower my Z-Offset to get a nice 'stick' for the first layer.  My first attempts peeled up a bit also.
Next I ran my bed at 90C to assist with adhesion.  When I removed it, I let the bed cool right down.  and I find that as it cools.  Blowing on the plastic helps cool it a little faster, and it seems to contract a bit and help it pop up.   I just worked at it with a thin scraper slowly and it popped up no problem.

However, I will be posting an update within the next day or two, I'll consider making the back a little thicker for you.

PLA. Did the layer height at .32, 80c for the bed (first layer) 192c for the extruder

That looks god damn amazing. Please consider posting a version with the scorpion facing towards the bottom of the phone too.

Thanks, I'll see what I can do.  Just out of curiosity, whats the difference?  lol

I just would prefer it when I finally get a change to print things. It just seems more common to me. (I did a google image search of scorpions, 80% were facing downward or angled downwards) Maybe it's that it looks like it's defending the person behind it when facing downwards as oppose to attacking them whilst upwards. Chalk it up to personal preference.