Makita Battery Mount

by GPlatek Jun 3, 2014
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I think it's better to make two holes deeper, so you will need 4 identical screws instead of two different lengths.

Hello, do you have de fusion 360 file for me please? I want to adjust some minor things.

I think the scale shout be 2540% --> unit shift from mil to mm.

This is a great and useful thing, thank you for sharing it with us!

Hey I tried putting this into my cura and it's not to scale :( its tiny

The same here. But i tried it ;-). Scale 2500%. Fits perfectly.

Please could you tell me how you did this? I am using CURA 15.04.6. I could ask for the dimensions in mm but would like to know how to scale using %

I am using CURA 3.6. This version scales automatically in %.

Where can I get one of these made in the UK?

Thank you for designing this. I was about to design a Makita battery holder to use on a camera slider project when I came across this, you have saved me a lot of trouble.

Comments deleted.

I'm currently trying to make a makita battery using a 3d printed casing/parts. Still in design stages but the idea is to be able to build my own batteries if I wanted. Unfortunately it is not very cost effective; drill batteries use high drain 18650s. these cells can cost easily $40-50 for a set of 10 on ebay. to make a 6ah battery it would cost you $50 for the cells, plus $10 for the control board. An authentic makita 6ah battery is going to have much better plastic and have a charge indicator for only $105. Not sure if it is worth it just to save $50. I wouldn't mind spending the extra money. Dunno why I'm making this comment when it isn't exactly related to your thing. lol

If you can buy it, then why make it?
Then you time to make something cool, with a battery!

Am I able to get the original .ipt file from you? I'm trying to modify this mount to use it as a usb power pack.

Makita now sells a Battery mount with on board USB outlets.
Try Amazon.
I found it at Home Depot.
They have both 12 volt and 18 volt sizes.

I want to have it printed, however, the measurements must be in mm. Is this possible? Thanks

Awesome, I've been wanting something like this for camping projects and maybe a boost to the kids powerwheels :)

How well does it print without supports? The overhangs would probably give me fits without something there. (Prusa MK2S, Hatchbox PLA, .2mm layer, 30% infill, 200C Nozzle, 70C Bed)

Thank you! I have wanted to try and use one of their batteries to run the lights on my bike with. They charge fast and last pretty long.
I just saw replacement terminal on ebay and it reminded me about it.
Thanks again!

Thanks for designing this! Will it hold a battery if you don't add the terminal?

Hoe can i order this printed? I want one. I have no 3d printer.

Try 3dhubs.com You should be able to find a printer close to you.

Nice Design , Thanks .
I designed a few adapters for local power-tools to fit directly to on to your battery mount .

Please help. I am new to 3D printing. My print fails around layer 54. Should I increase the infill? I have a QIDI and the printer keeps moving on, but no filament is extruded.

Did you ever sort this? I use a QIDI and its fine just keeps lifting in one corner.

any good source for these battery contact plates in germany or maybe from aliexpress?

I ordered from https://www.kruis.nl/ in Netherlands and I am in Belgium. They are cheap and have good shipping. Might be a late reply, but hey...

​Is there a protection circuit inside the battery, which prevent the battery of over-discharge? Or do I need an external circuit?

thanks for the good design. Can you upload the source file? I woud like to extend to my other machines (Metabo, Fein...). They work mit NiCd battery. So i can use one battery system. I work with catia V5.

Is this suppose to be printing on its side? Or do I need to "lay it down"?

You'll need to lay it down. It also needs to be resized to inches.

Has anyone designed the opposite side of this? ( the battery side) I would like to use some to mount my tools.
This is a great print by the way, thanks for sharing

For those who had problem with "tiny" object. Scale it to 2540% and it will be fine ;)

can some1 print me these part? i don't have 3D printer.

Hi! what a fantastic design, and thanks for sharing! I downloaded your stl file and tried to get it printed with an online service however, i am having a problem as the dimensions are really small. 4.04 x 1.06 x 3.0mm. could you please advise me as to what i am doing wrong. thanks again

If you have a Mac, use Pleasant3D to resize it to a factor of 25.4.

Have them convert it to INCHES. Inventor automatically saves a .stl in millimeters. Sorry, I forgot.

I can't convert this to inches with SketchUp. This Makita mount is the best design out there and I would like to use it. Can you please re-upload a file that can be loaded up into SketchUp with the correct dimensions in mm? I think everybody would appreciate it. Thank you.

ok thanks, is there any chance of getting the editable file? i would like to try change the dimensions myself, i have got the trial version of inventor and it wont let me edit .stl files.

I'd like to mod this design to create a Worx to Makita battery adapter. How can I edit the STL file? Do you have a SketchUp file I can edit?

I made the part in Inventor. There are plug-ins for SketchUp. One of them is here...http://http://sourceforge.net/projects/stl4su/sourceforge.net/projects/stl4s...


Would you be able to upload the IPT file ?

Thanks in Advance