Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bird feeder 3.0 - Put on window

by printednest, published

Bird feeder 3.0 - Put on window by printednest Jun 4, 2014

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IMPROVEMENTS from previous generation of Bird Feeder 2.0

  1. It was divided in more parts. Less print fails.
  2. You can configure your own colors
  3. Perch connection has been improved
  4. Antlers has been improved
  5. All parts are connected by click system

Use this bird feeder with 2 sided adhesive dual lock tape on your window. For binding on window use this: http://www.g3.cz/katalog/suche-zipy-3m/dual-lock/3m-suchy-zip-dual-lock-sj3550

Additionally use some old iphone with presence app by: http://www.peoplepowerco.com/products/ glued on window, and use it as photo trap.
See results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfN-DdyyLms

If you are going to attach bird feeder above some public place, be sure to add some silon wire connected with bird feeder and your window, which will hold bird feeder in case it will glue out of the window.

You can register yourself. Just choose OPEN SOURCE option by registration process. You will gain access to our world wide map of bird feeders which are installed all over the world: http://printednest.com/community
You will be marked as OPEN SOURCE branch of our project, and you can show to the others how COOL your design is by uploading of photo of your bird feeder.

SEE MORE PTOTOS: http://www.pinterest.com/printednest/printednest/


We are proud, we can share this with you! Be printed!

Enjoy, Printednest



We had realized that sun is causing in some causes disassembling
Top or Body from legs!!! We are sorry for that we are working on update! As option you can print body_whole.obj instead of that!
Anyway give us reports if we are lonely...

Recommended print setup for makerbot 2:
All parts are printing at:
layers resolution: 0.3 mm
shells: 2
infill: 10 %
nozzle: 0.4 mm
temperature: 210
supports: off, included in 3d model

  1. Antlers:
    print speed: 90 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: on

  2. Top:
    print speed: 120 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: off

  3. Body:
    print speed: 100 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: on

  4. Legs:
    print speed: 120 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: off

  5. Plate:
    print speed: 110 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: off

  6. Body_whole: You can print it at once (legs, body, top)
    print speed: 100 mm/s
    travel speed: 150 mm/s
    raft: off

You can tweak all setting as you like.

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Good afternoon! Have you tried to print body_whole.obj? I have the basic details of the above center on 0.5 mm

The body began to print off its axis 1/3 way through the print. Anybody esle experiencing this issue?

This is a great and innovative design, but this size wouldn't fit on my printer's bed (Robox). So I printed the front and back sections first at 90% reduction. Then I discovered that the centre section would still not fit the bed and I had to go down to 70% reduction, but decided that the front opening would still be big enough. Everything printed perfectly - very smooth, no finishing required except the fitting. So I now had the centre section and re-printed the back (with the feet) at 70% reduction. Before printing the front section I decided to check the fitting of the back and centre sections. Even with both printed at the same reduction, there was a mismatch. The foot section was two millimetres longer in the longest line of the ellipse. At first I thought that material shrinkage was the cause. But the lower part of the foot section fits into the centre section, then it gradually widens and lengthens to the extra 2 millimetres. I'll have to wait until I buy a bigger printer.
UPDATE: I believe now that the mismatch has been caused by stretching of the cable driving the print head on my printer. It broke soon after, so I now need to replace it and will try printing the front and back sections again.

Antlers don't fit body? I printed the body whole and the antlers and could not figure out why they would not fit. I was about to do something really silly when I realized you just trim the outside of the bottom of the antlers (around .5 inch) and then the core fits perfectly into the body. Great design!!! Body whole was an easy and fast print as I remember without support. I prefer it to the new hatch design as maybe the solid design will keep some of the rain off the seed.

If I printed the antlers from 4 model will it fit on 3 model?

Comments deleted.

And we will probably use thingiverse again, but follow us on twitter and facebook for more recent info

Hi Alan, oh you are right with text inside. But we wanna keep this at least. But we will not sue you if you will remove it for your personal usage. You can use meshmixer, or some other sw to remove it.

And we continue of course, but not with 3rd generation. Your print was success full, but many users had some issues with assembling. So we had decided go one step beck and 3 forward! It is 4th gen, and it will be public after our September spreading 10 of them in Slovakia.

It is new self supporting design, more compact, and 1/3 of weight of actual design.

Stay tunned.

.A very innovative design, thank you for sharing.
I am currently printing the final part of my Bird Feeder - the legs - after spending the weekend on the other parts. The body took around 12.5 hours on my RepRap Mendel90 so it isn't a quick print by any means!
I sliced all of the parts using Skeinforge with an infill of 20% and felt that I had to add support for the body and antlers despite a number of support elements being included in the original files. (The text on the inside of the body sticks out at 90 degrees so support is definitely needed here at least). I would have preferred a body option without any text at all to be honest - perhaps the designer could have thought of another way of tagging this thing?
It may be useful to provide files without any inbuilt support structures in addition to those already uploaded and let slicing programs do their own thing? (Though to be honest, I am not too sure about that point).
A few more comments ...
I had one or two problems with the supplied OBJ files creating error messages in NETFABB basic but the Netfabb cloud service sorted those out nicely.
Although Skeinforge generated a couple of errors for some parts, the resulting GCODE printed without problems.
As my print bed is 200mm square, I rotated the larger pieces by 45 degrees about the Z axis in NETFABB basic in order to get them to fit.

Mounting - I was wondering about the possibility of using window suckers rather than double sided sticky tape but this would require modification of the leg mounting plates I think. (A tether would definitely be needed though, just in case the suckers failed).

An 'I Made One' photograph and registration on the designer's site will follow once I have everything assembled - I will have to order some of that super dooper 3M velcro stuff before it goes on the window though. Many thanks once again for a design that demonstrates how useful a home built 3D printer can be and that by assembly of components it is possible to build 'big stuff'.


Hi Alan,
Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!

There is one file without text inside, blank.

Window suckers was not working. It was one of our 1st binding systems... In 2-3 days it was falling down..

Problem was with its weight.

We are printing now first final designs of 4th generation, which is 30 percent of weight of 3rd generation. It is perforated, so it should could not melt on the sun as this gen... We will keep this design public and open for updates, but are not continue by this way... You can delete our supports in any 3d program and let slicer do its work.

Thank you for support, enjoy, and be ready for 4th generation in October


Thank you. but the "body_label_blank.obj" still carries text in the form of your website address - it is the one I used!

What do you mean when you say, "....but are not continue by this way..?" Are you ditching Thingiverse and publishing designs elsewhere or are you going closed source?

Looking forward to the perforated version - I have seen photographs of it on your website I think - looks amazing.


Comments deleted.

Anyone else having trouble with the gcode for the antlers? I'm using Replicatorg, it generates the code, but won't convert to .3gx. I managed to convert to .3gx once by random chance, but it made my Flashforge creator go nuts. I think There's an error with the gcode Replicatorg is generating, but I can't even view it, nor would I know how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Flashforge Creator X user here... I have printed two of these with out issue. The key is to use Makerware for this one. It freaks out in RepG or Simplify3d. Just use good old Makerware and it will print nice and easy.

Huzzah! Thank you so much for the help, I was running out of ideas. Looks like you've made a lot of nice prints. Whats slicing software do you prefer?

I started with Makerware, but did not like the quality of the prints. So I tried REPorg, and the speed for slicing was just too slow. So I dropped some coin on Simplify 3D, and it's like I have a whole new printer.

Good discussion here:

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/flashforge/QMNfowcVBXc (you may have to copy whole link into your browser)

But sometimes, the prints are made for Makerware, as in this instance.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the help :)

We recommend to place birdfeeders on north or west fasades. Hot temperatures in summer can cause melting of filament...
Or use light colors if you are going to place it south orientation..
We are testing right now, let us know, if you have some new issues..

Can you please post the .stl files for all the parts? im using repetier and it doesnt like the .obj files very much. Awesome work! thanks for sharing.

of course, but us meshmixer or netfabb and resave our objs if you dont wanna wait

STL would be much better. That's the standard for 3d printing it would seem.

We had realized that sun is causing in some causes disassembling
Top or Body from legs!!! We are sorry for that we are working on update! As option you can print body_whole.obj instead of that!
Anyway give us reports if we are lonely...

As an alternative, you can also friction weld the parts together using a dremel and some spare filament.

yes this could work. We are waiting for 3Doodlers so we can try this mentod

We have got some request to publish whole body, not didvided in 3 parts. So if you have tuned up printer and you are a master, try it, and let us know what is best setup, because we didnt test it. But it shoult work at same recommended setup as body.obj in our instructions.

our email is on our webpage, last page [email protected]

@ CreatorLes
Thank you for your interest. If you will do it for no commercial projects, you are welcome. Do it, for sure!
Only one thing is, that we dont understand how this could help to Haitis people. Anyway, if you wanna any support which will be in our time possibilities, we will help you of course.

Hi, I am interested in printing your design(s) to donate to third world countries as a way of encouraging wildlife to return. For example, I am first focusing on Haiti which has only 2% forestation. They long ago cut down all the trees, the topsoil washed away, and it's fished out too. Those who don't die of starvation survive on imported rice when they can get it. We need to change this and in a month when I get my 3D printer I will tune it up then begin cranking out these and also square foot gardening tools and accessories, all to be provided at not charge to charities who help Haiti. However, your website does not offer a phone or email that I could see. How do I contact you?

Please keep in mind that all of you are our team members, and we are testing and evolving this together. I am sure, that there will be lot of other bugs, and issues with our Bird feeder 3.0, so please be kind at us :)

BINDING! Very important
Use this bird feeder with 2 sided adhesive dual lock tape on your window. For binding on window use this: http://www.g3.cz/katalog/suche-zipy-3m/dual-lock/3m-suchy-zip-dual-lock-sj3550http://www.g3.cz/katalog/suche...
If we were using clasic dual sided foam tape, it fallen down in cases, when BF was half of day in shadow, and rest on the sun.
Plastic is changing its volume, and thats why it will fall down. New tape above has reduced this at no falls reports anymore

I'm having trouble printing the BODY in ABS. It's too big and there are cracks, even if i'm printing near to 250C. Maybe it should be divided into 2 pieces.

hi Madarakis, obviously you had solved the problem :) I saw your print, thats fantastic.
We are printing with PLA only, so I cant reply. Yes it is possible to divide it in ore pieces. There was just quite lot of test prints in part where 2 pieces are connected. You can adapt our model, if you have this skils...

Print large objects in ABS requires an enclosed print area, so that the whole print stays warm, because ABS shrinks slightly when it cools, so uneven cooling causes cracking. PLA doesn't shrink as it cools, so printing large PLA pieces is easier.

I'm having trouble getting the feet attached to the body (top to body worked fine)... Brute force isn't working for me.. Is there a trick or other suggestion? thanks

yes, 1st try to connect together narrower part, and go cm by cm to the wider. But Brute force is necessary....
If you wanna disconnect 2 parts you have to make really fast jerk...

2 shells, 10% infill. That's the trick.

Could you please publish a complete stl of the body? (not in 3 sections)

in this case you can put all of 3 parts in slicer, or not???
or use some 3D modeling software, align all parts in final position, and slice them.
I think it can work. But yes, we can upload 1 stl, obj with all of 3 parts, not divided...
But this is old solution, it is printing about 10 hours, and you know it, when print will fail in 95 percets ... .:)

And by the way I forgot to say great work!

Is there someone, who can helps us to put our body in customizer?
We need just put there text for label which you can cusmozize.
That means 2 rows of text: first line has 8 characters, second line has 12 characters.
For all of you customizer masters, could be preaty eazy thing...
Thank you for your support.

I'd love to help you put this in Customizer. Email me laird at popk dot in .

hello laird, amazing!
It is charging us with new energy, if our open source statement works, and crowd is improving with us.

I got your email, and I think that I have everything that I need. If it works, I'll post it on Thingiverse as a derivative to test.

Ok, thank you, that means stl is not necessary, it could work with objs too...?

i'm glad to see people helping each other