Ender, CR-10/20 or Tevo Tornado Prusa MK3 extruder

by zuzix3D Mar 29, 2019
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Could you post a step file? I would like to modify it for my application

Looks great, I'd also love to see one with the motor at 90 deg. Otherwise I fear there is a lot of weight/twisting motion on the frame and carriage. Great job :)

Great works!! Thanks for sharing!!

Few questions:

  • What is the probe offset regarding the nozzle?
  • What is the new bed size (CR-10S)?
  • Can I use the stock Prusa MK3 extruder assy with your mounting plate?
  • Any assy instructions available?


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Does this change position where the nozzle and cause a loss of bed space? I know some mods make it so where the nozzle isnt exactly where stock position is.

I'm not the author but I say yes. The stock heatsink is right against the original carriage plate. This one is forward. I find that I'm right exactly at 235mm at maximum stock.

You can always move your Y axis extrusion forward, if you want but that's a bit more extreme and requires drilling.

is it true that it's all held to the carriage with one screw? or did i miss any screw?

It is hold by 4 screws which originaly hold stock hotend

okay i figured it out- There's one screw on the left i missed and 2 more screws that can be used with m3 screws if used with a washer on the tevo tornado

Waiting for the new 90 degree motor design. Awesome work!

Still in progress :/

Hey man! Does the hotend need to be direct drive version or can it be a bowden hotend as well? Thank you are awesome!

This one is for Prusa extruder which is direct drive

Is this built the same way as the Prusa Mk3 extruder?

If so the MK3 instructions show washers and springs that arent included with your BOM?

May I ask which springs are missing?

In BOM are missing two springs, screws & nuts for extruder idler.

Thank you! Which springs? The 5X15 springs? Screws and nuts are not a problem for me.

Yes, it needs two 5x15 springs for tensioning the idler. You can get them on Aliexpress I ordered a set for $1.

Yep, this is almost stoc Prusa extruder and you are right, in BOM is this missing. Thanks

Hi zuzix3d,
like your idea, but i have one point to tell.
Is it possible to place the Extruder Stepper on the other side ?
I own an Ender 3 too and every Owner knews that the Rollers on the Rail can cause Problems.I think the weight of all on one side of the Rail wouldt wear out the Rollers too fast. In my opinion the Fans, Hotend and all other are leightweight in comparison to the Stepper.

I by myself can not build such complex struktures in any CAD program. I try to learn :)

Put stepper motor from back side is not possible due the frame. Only 90° rotation should be possible

hey, could you make one with a BLtouch or would that be too hard?

I was going to ask the same thing, I use PEI coated borosilicate plates so the pinda isn’t an option for me other wise I’d be printing this out right now.

capaticance sensor is what you need

it is possible, but some dimensions are needed :/ and some testing to

One for a bl-touch would be very nice

Another vote for bltouch please

Are you able to do one with 18mm probe?

Hi kltower4,
body for probe with 18mm diameter added

That was quick! Thanks man!

yep, just give us some time.