OpenForge - Place of Power - Chaos Pillars

by ecaroth Mar 29, 2019
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Great model, fantastic! We have a 3D model design and print competition and you probably may be interested in this. Here's the link to join, win the award and let more people know the brilliant design. https://forms.gle/hz4T9rqe3hhp6bDK9

These place of power pieces are great. Your other 2 I am using in Realm of Life themed AoS terrain. This would definitely fit in the Realm of Fire. Keep them coming!

can you give me a like on one of my things? I don't have many followers or liked things.

This thing is awesome! What game/movie/show is it from? found it under games and shows.

Is this a duel color print?

Nope, I printed mine in black PLA and painted with acrylics

This thing makes an awesome phone stand.

Really enjoying these places of power as set pieces. Thank you for creating and sharing.

I painted this white with light blue cracks and it worked great for a boss encounter in Icewind Dale.

Would LOVE to see a pic, post a make!

What was your infill and speed? Cura says like 9 days on my detail setup lol

Yea same, that's why I'm not doing it.LOL.

I printed in 22 hrs and I did a very high detail for what was needed for this... should be able to print this in 15 hrs or so @ .24 mm or so

I think I did 2 sidewalls, 4 top layers, 10% infill @ 55mm/s

.16mm layer height

Awesome. Thanks man. Can't wait to make this.

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

Is there possibly a "forest" version in the works? :)

I dunno why not? The world is our oyster!

I do enjoy oysters :)

i feel you could make a cool looking fountain with this

This is amazing....

This is very groovy, that a friend of mine would call "strategically interesting" for the table.

Awesome work! Great idea to have a large piece key together like this, looking forward to seeing more Place of Power.

Yeah it's HUGE i figured it needed to be sliced down. lines will be visible but it's much easier to print