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Dremel CNC - useful MODs & AddOns

by kone Mar 29, 2019
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Love your remix! A lot of really great ideas here. I just wish there was a dust collector base that would fit the standard dremel mount and also a spindle holder for the 52mm since that one seems to be more commonly used and goes on sale for only $59 including the power supply. Really awesome work! I wish I knew enough fusion360 to mod this myself for the 52mm.

Hi, beautiful work, can i have the fusion360 file? i want to customize it for my own necessities, thanks

I will think about it.
maybe I will release the STEP file once I find time to clean up the drawings

Thank you very nice remix
will print it but
I want to ask about the holes
for example: LMU12 bearing holes size is it 21mm or u add some extra mm to fit perfectly?

because with original parts its 21mm wont fit i scale it up to 102.5% to fit

Thank you

The holes are designed so that the bearings fit snug. maybe a little sanding is required.

Thanks for reply will give it try

Hi, thank you for this remix, I'm currently printing it but I realise that the screws required for this build are not the same than the ones required on the original CNC.
Do you have a list of screws required for this? I have to order everything online since my local shops don't have this type of screws.

An other quick question, I don't have a dremel nor a spindle yet so I'm still wondering what to buy.
Do you think that a proper Makita router would be suitable for such a CNC or is it too much for it ?

Also, which coupler did you use for the Z axis ?
I used this one but the hole in the 55mm spindle carriage is too small for the coupler and I loose a lot of height on this axis.

Use this fixed couplers instead of the flexible ones:

Thank you very much for answering so quickly !

Hi, I recently printed your design and it fit very good.
But as it is so tight I can't see where you pass the wires ? :O

I assume you are refering to the emergency stop button part.
there is a hole in one of the bottom corners that is big enough to route thin servo wires through it.

Yes emergency stop button. I saw this hole but it seemed to small to me to pass 4 wires. I'll give it a try :)

Why 4 wires?
Only 2 are needed.

Hi @kone, thank you for the mods. I have to modify some parts according to my needs. Is it possible you to share the step files if possible please? Thanks.

Thanks for you work :)
I just printed the mounting for the emergency button, and so I thought it would be more convenient if you could push this button from the top :)

Is that for a 55mm or 52mm spindle? Do you have a link to the unit that you used?

How has that spindle working out for you? I've built this machine not long ago and although it seems the dremel does most of what I built it for, I'm looking for something that'll last and also free up my dremel for use in other areas.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for all the extra parts. I can't see the cover for the emergency stop button in the files though.

You are absolutely right. My mistake. I updated the files. you can find the missing part here:

Wow, thanks for the quick response!

Can you tell me if the 10mm higher version of the y and x supports are still okay to use with a Dremel?

This depends on your base-board & waste board thickness

Cool, thanks.

Another question. I bought the stop switch and printed the corner section for it. Did you use the screw holes that go from inside the switch box to the top of the 2020 extrusion? The switch is so large I'd assume you'd need counter sunk screws but the design doesn't have any relief in it to accommodate them.

I'm going to try some button head screws but even those look to be too tall.

I did not fix this part with screws from the top to the 2020 profiles. the holes are leftover from the original design.
it holds pretty good using screws on the bottom part.