Stash or Stack - Flexy Boxes

by 3D_Toys Mar 30, 2019
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Great Design. Great Idea.

In Cura 4.0, I disabled "Combing Mode". Without disabling, the printer made crazy movements.

It prints perfectly.

Trying to slice this with Slic3r Prusa Edition with a 0.4mm nozzle, 2 perimeters, it doesn't actually slice properly. My guess is the walls are just a bit too thin, but any ideas?

Rotating slightly the model sometimes solve the thin wall problem..

In Cura it slices perfectly with 1 perimeter. There is a small gap between the inner and outer wall.

You gave me an idea. I looked around Slic3r and found an option for "detect thin walls" (Print Settings -> Layers and perimeters -> Quality -> Detect thin walls) and turning that on allows the slicing to occur. I have not tried printing it yet, but it appears to slice it properly.

Try changing the line width 0.35
Try, changing the nozzle to 0.35 and compensate with extrusion multiplier

Anyway, some ideas that could work
if nothing works let me a note and I prepare a model with line widht at 0.45mm
Let me know....

Printed the smallest box today, it printed perfectly! Works really well too. Great design, thanks!


Please post

Posted a Make. Thanks again.

That is awesome!

They look great, am so happy.

G'day mate you said to print without support but i dont see how ?
From my understanding the why you'd print it the 'top' would fall in on itself not being able to succesfully print.

I know what you mean.
If you load de model in your slicer you can see i have some “beams” (you can see them on some pics)
That run from one wall to the other to support the ‘ roof’

take a look at the pic. It is 3 layers before the roof (@0.2mm layer)


Printing now, but those support "beams" still print into thin air? I'm new to this, but I don't get how that works...seems like it's just gonna extrude and it will fall down to the bottom.

It is called Briding and its very common.it is When the filament is extruded in mid air. Some of my models have a 50mm bridging, you might lose some strands on the first lawers that’s all.
You may have to clean up some of those non perfect layers. But it works!

If you say thats enough then it ought to be.
Cheers mate.

Can PLA be used to print these? Great design!

Yes, I tested with PLA

you recommend infill? wall thickness?

No infill needed, no support
4 top 4 bottom layers on 0.2mm hight on a 0.4 nozzle
2 walls

Really Cool :). This would make a nice pencil box. Could you post one box with the center opening at least 155mm in height?
Thanks for sharing!

Sure, I made the file Parametric and I can generate any height very quickly.

The one 175 mm is 165 ID. Maybe this one suits you

So you want 165 mm overall (155 ID). Right?

I think the 175mm will be great. Is the ID the dimension shown in the picture below?

the file It's up 163mm ID as shown 175mm overall


Sorry I dont have a 175mm yet. kkkkkk

I will post one!!

I though I had one at 175...

No ID is base to base. So for that dimension take 2mm more in each side so... 175-10-4= 161mm as shown

Thanks for the quick response.