AR15 Dual Loop Sling Mount Buffer Tube Lock Ring

by Enkidu556 Mar 29, 2019
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So, how many hours have you got into the AR15 so far? I am curious about doing this myself.

Wow! first I've added it up...172.5+/- so far. I still need to print the butt stock, BCG and charging handle. I'm going to use the real deal for the mag and bolt release, take-down pins, springs and other hardware. For fun I tried to install some of my real parts into the receivers and found that the BCG and charging handle are way to tight. There is some sanding and fit-up required. P-Mags are a tight fit as well and do not engage the upper receiver correctly. I think that all of the tightness of parts fitting up is mainly due to the .4 nozzle and how the layers are basically squished layer after layer onto each other taking up tolerance, but i have 400 grit paper and lots and lots of patients! haha

Wow that's alot of time involved. I may do this but substitute more real parts to reduce time required. You think a smaller nozzle wouldve been a better option? It would be a PITA to sand the inside of the upper with 400 till CH/BCG would fit. Anyway cool thing you got here and i may be taking the journey soon.

haha right!! I may have to bust out some 220 or rougher to speed up the fine tuning.
I'm pretty new to 3D printing and still pretty green (since January) and don't know if a smaller nozzle would help or not with the milspec tolerances. The time to print would increase quite a bit I would think.
I'm more or less approaching this as a learning exercise....to see what I can do with these pesky printers ;)
If you jump into this, I'd like to see what you make.

Same here for 3d printing, i luckily have a little bit of history in engineering/machining and CAD + gcode.. but printing is alot different. Plastics have shrink, volatility, profile and just plain variation even in virgin form; and i am a process engineer in a large plastics operation so I know it can be very pesky with tolerances, we have multiple processes to get into a range of tolerances that is quite broad and much more so than milspec go/no go.

Anyway, I definitely will share with you what I make and if I do some adjusting on specs ill share. I do think your best bet for those upper channels would be a vice jig, a small end mill or deburring tool and an XYZ vice.. even a cheap one wouldnt hurt and possibly help.. thanks for the insight!