Easy Print LED Light Bridge / Arc

by PuGZoR Mar 31, 2019
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How high is the 170mm version? I know it stretches that length but generally how high is the arch?

The tolerances are way too tight on this one. It takes a lot of sanding to get the pieces to fit. I would probably recommend trying one of the other designs. Even after sanding it is so tight that the light groove bulges out and sometimes the pieces split along the top if you don't sand enough.

This design has some great aspects to it:

Easily print on a 200x200 bed
Doesn't take a lot of filament
pretty easy to print

However, assembly is quite time consuming and frustrating.

Looser tolerances would probably be better, even if it requires glue.

Can it be resized to 120 CM? 100 is too small and 140 to wide for the desk. I will wait for the tracks version in any case.

Can I ask what glue did you use for the Led's ? I just finished a build of the 140mm version but the tape on my led's is not holding at all and I don't know of a glue that will hold once the strip gets hot. Thanks!

Never mind i used hot glue which seems to have worked well.

I had this problem too; I've actually just finished a version where you can slide the LED strips into a bracket which holds them in place without glue. Will post it up soon as I'm just making sure it doesn't have any issues with the heat from the LEDs.

Can't recall what glue I used for this though; if I recall it was rated to about 80°C (180°F) and it seems to be absolutely fine with now quite a few hours on it. As long as you find something that's marked as suitable for those kinds of heats, I would imagine it's not likely to emit any kind of chemicals when heated.

so what size desk is that?

The desk in the picture is around 150cm with the 170cm version on it. As you can see, the lamp is too big!

Am I correct in assuming this design requires one to rely on self adhesive tape that LED strips come with?

Have you ever experienced problems with the lights coming loose and just falling? I wonder if someone could design a similar type arch that you have here, but with a slot that the led's slide into so no tape is required. This would also then allow for easy repair. If you tape them, or glue them, they are probably not coming off when the strip burns out and needs replacing?

I'm not trying to nitpick, this is a great design. I'm printing it now. Just throwing some thoughts out there.

Very good point! My first print of this used LED strips with self-adhesive tape on them, but they were quite cheap and the tape didn't stick terribly well. I ended up gluing them, which seems to be holding up fine since the glue was rated quite well for temperature, but a little bit inconvenient. When I'm doing some modifications for another person on this thread for a smaller print volume, I might play with the LED slot a bit too so it's not reliant on the adhesive sticking. Will raise it as a new thing though, comment here and link to it in the description.

I was able to do some tinkering in tinkercad.. Lowered the height on the base from 200.01 to 107.10, and cut off the first screw holes on the inner feet of the base then with a 4mm brim was able to print the base. For the segment had to lower it from 140.93 to 126 to be able to print. Printed out a base and segment so far and they fit very snugly and are quite sturdy still. I'm attempting to create a simple straight segment, but that's proving to be challenging in tinkercad.. :) but for the basic structure, while maybe slightly smaller are attached. Thanks!

Love this design.. Becuase it goes up at a sharper angle, is higher and wider than most the others I've seen. Problem is I can't print it at 100%. Is it possible to size it to print on a smaller bed? I have a Monoprice Select Mini... Thanks. I was able to print by scaling it down 60% but that's a tad small for the led strips to fit in.. Another great option would be a straight piece to make it wider or even taller :) but I think i can do that one.

Give me a few days - I'll try and make a version for low print volumes.

I read the directions, but has anyone tried printing this as a spiral vase (i.e. one over-extruded pass)?

Micro Drone Gate !

The part middle100.stl is corrupted, could you pse reload ?

Just did then - is it working now?

Unfortunately it still doesn´t work.
Segment and Basepart for 100 do work but the Middlepart doesn´t.
Have tried it with 3D-Builder, Simplify3D and Cura. Middle100.STL cannot be opened.

I've re-exported it from Solidworks - can you try it again now please?

Now it works, thank you very much !
Btw, great Job !

Really love this. I would like to adapt it for a smaller workbench. Would you share the CAD files so i can modify it with of course the attribution recognition of the original design/er

Hi Buj, just so I don't muddy the Thingiverse listing, I've uploaded the 170cm version of the Solidworks files to my Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CmyaSJsdVWFtzXTuI-HXXZfqxtULtfxR?usp=sharing

I'm not sure how well it'll turn out being smaller than 100cm in total width though... but feel free to try.