Quail Egg Stacking Storage Carton Larger remix

by taxilian Mar 31, 2019
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would these work for regular chicken eggs?

This would be too small for most chicken eggs; you could probably remix it for chicken eggs easily enough, but it would either be much larger (possibly requiring a bigger bed to print) or hold fewer eggs.

The diameter of the holes in this one is 30mm; the average width of a Medium chicken egg is about 40.6mm, and the average for extra large is about 45mm, so you'd likely want it to be at least 43mm diameter holes to make sure you can fit your eggs in, assuming you're going to stick with medium / large eggs; that's an increase in size for each hole of 13mm. Since I made the tray parameterized when I remixed it I went ahead and threw that into the drawing and the carton without changes is now 256mm long, which is just a touch too big to fit on my prusa mk3 =]

... but since I'm a busybody and you piqued my curiosity, I tinkered a bit and managed to make one that is only about 244.2mm long by decreasing the spacing between the eggs. by the time you see this I should have uploaded both the STL and the souce. (width is 139mm)

The f3d file is there for the chicken egg version, but not the STL - could you add that? Thanks! (I'm printing on the prusa too!)

huh; not sure how I missed that. Uploaded.

Awesome! Thanks!