Advanced DIY 3D Printer: HevORT

by MirageC Apr 10, 2019
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This is a great design, thank you for sharing!
I'm just wondering what your opinion is of using a Precision Piezo z-probe instead of the BLTouch Z probe?
Additionally, could you please upload the final assembly so we can measure and probe around your design to try to recreate it in CAD, many thanks!

I have a new idea, use 1 stepper to driver 3 screw to control Z ,

I think you are missing the point of this design.

I got the Idea but you made it!!! lol it looks very good!!!! congratulation!!
Is there any possibility to upload STEP or Fusion native file on GRABCAD? I got lot of 30 30 and 40 40 mm aluminuim V slot and would like to adapt this very beautifull system... and STL is not usefull

You keep rond bar for Z axis... any reason istead of MGN guides?

Thank you for for your amazing job!!

Sorry for my poor English from France...

Thank you Pool123! I am fine tuning the design with a few changes and will be posting updates as well as the Fusion Files on GrabCad. Printer has been working pretty much non stop since April. Works awesome! So smooth and silent, until the berd air kicks in! hahah!

I kept round bars for Z due to cost mainly. OEM Hiwin are not cheap when crossing borders. But so far so good. 4 rods + 3 z lead screws gives plenty of stability.

I just love being able to take a loaded print surface off the printer, then drop a clean one without even being carefull on the bed. My pre-print routine includes a G32 command which will launch the Self level function before every new print. A well spend 30 seconds if you ask me. No more wondering or guessing number of screw turns and so on.

And by the way... you english is great as far as I am concerned.... I am french too! Just from the other side of the pond :)

Alors merci beaucoup pour ta réponse...et vive le Canada!!!
la structure de ta machine semble robuste et capable de supporter un ensemble plateau plutôt lourd... je travaille sur une surface de 500*500 et je pense que je vais devoir passer sur des Nema un peu plus gros...

Je suis fan de ta conception et pense que je vais m'éclater à faire la mienne...et du coup... je suis impatient de tes fichiers GRABCAB...et comme je suis un peu fou aussi... je vais tenter une version à double têtes ( bl touch au milieu...une buse de chaque coté...sélectionné par un electro aimant... permettant de faire avec 2 couleurs ou deux type de fils différents...

I'm taking it this needs a level surface in order to be usable, and only mesh/no bed leveling is required since it's theoretically impossible for the bed to be at a slant?

This looks really great! Awesome job!
I assume that you don't have any plans to make this a Kickstarter?
Even if you don't, I'll definitely need to build this!

Thank You! I have no plan to take this to kick starter as of now. I might sell kits in the future to help people with parts sourcing, but I am just not there yet. :)

A kit would be a great thing too, seems like one would need to order from a lot of places.
Can't wait to see the finished printer!

Could you post the config files for duet please ?

As the Printer is not fully operational yet, I will not post the entire config. I'll put the lines involved into the Z self leveling.

This looks fantastic. I love the really self leveling bed.

I have this crazy idea of making a 320x640 printer (2 heated beds, only turn on both if needed), or a 640x640. Aside from discovering a license plate holder won't fit on my CR10, I have no idea why I need something that big, but doesn't everyone need to print a buzz Lightyear costume?

    == John ==

Awesome work thanks a heap, i just have to adapt it to 500x500x500 now :)

Thank you, The X Y axis should fit any size without having to modify the printed parts.

Cool, I will give them a shot

This look great man, keep up the good work and update the progress... Love to see what accuracy this can reach at higher speeds.

Thank you! Should be firing it for first print within the next month or so :)

What are the external dimensions ?
Great job

External Dimension in mm of the Enclosure Encluding the Electronics Bay are: W:632 X D:482 X H:765.
The printer core frame dimensions are: W:480 X D:470 X H:759