Painting Practice Figure

by Valandar Apr 1, 2019
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I've printed a few of these to compare different profiles on my Ender3. The same features of this model that make it a good model to practice painting on seemed like it would make it a good model to compare different settings for 28mm printing models. I've used tree supports each time I've printed it and gotten great results.

I will echo the feedback that I see from a few others. The handle of the sword is very flimsy, I've almost snapped it off when removing supports and it seems likely to break while painting, in storage, or while using it on the table. The weak point of the handle is barely even visible. Having the hilt itself as the connection point to the hand would make this a much more durable model.

I've just printed this on my FDM printer, planning on adding a make soon as I get my camera back.

There was one small thing I would like to see changed for FDM. The sword hilt is rather thin and brittle. I will need to reinforce it, or slightly edit the model so there is no distance between the hands and the hand guard/pommel.I printed at .1 layer height with a .25 nozzle, with the model angled so the hilt was parallel to the build plate, and it still nearly broke loose during support removal.

Seconded. I also printed this on my Ender at 0.08 layer height with a 0.3 nozzle, model straight upright and it came out beautifully, especially the facial features and the texture of the chainmail.
Only the sword blade and pommel broke off really easy during support removal due to their delicate attachments.
If that is fixed, this model would fit well to become for printed minis what the Benchy is for general test prints!
And i DO think such a standard calibration figurine is direly needed!

Great initiative - gonna print some of these for my daughter and son. They are bored of printing GW Orks!

Were these meant to be printed on a SLA (resin) printer?

I'd print them on a resin printer, but I've already seen figures even more detailed printed on FDM printers like the Ender 3, with things like maille nicely visible, if not as clean as on resin.

Great work as always!