RC Paramotor

by TomStanton Apr 1, 2019
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Vous avez mis quoi comme paramètres pour l'impression?


I have just started printing your design of Paramotor. Can you tell me how many servos shall I buy? In description you have only "servos" without number and they are quite expensive. I want to buy evertyhing at once as I am in Poland and it will get some time to get parts from US and China.

Secondly do you have any step by step instruction? Or at least some photos of the inside? How did you manage to pack all stuff inside? maybe some photo of wiring would be useful.

Great project. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to test it!


only 2 servos, one for each arm. So 2 wires to connect to one small 4 channels receiver and plenty of room for the battery, thats all. The battery is located where the velcro should be installed. That's all !
By the way i am using these servos https://hobbyking.com/fr_fr/hxt-5010-twin-bearing-digital-servo-6-9kg-0-16sec-39-2g.html 5€ each !

HK just released its own para for this wing, recommended weight is 1.6 to 2kg https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbykingtm-high-performance-paramotor-pnf-2250mm.html

I got mine flying ok. Still need to tweak it some. With this one, more weight seems better. I am close to 1.9kg now and handles decent.


Why do you use this servo ? they are big for this stuff, no ?

Thanks for this thing !

Ok, perfect. Thank you.

Hi Tom what scale should i print when i use repeater print bed is 320 x 320 x 420 its off the bed when loaded

Tom this is amazing! I've been waiting for Hobbyking to put out another canopy because I've been interested in trying out your earlier build but I'm so excited about this new iteration! I'm going to print it at school and see what I can do with it! The one question that I have for you is what is the need for the magnets? I looked over all the included pictures and video and I can't seem to see what you did with them. Any chance you or anyone else could shed some light on their purpose? Thanks!

Magnets hold the canopy at the back.

Hello Tom
Nice work
i've print with the remix for printer 220*220 with this link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3552197 ,

RC Paramotor ( 220 x 220 printer )
by Lore03

Hi, do you think I could fit a fpv camera inside? Thanks!

Nevermind. This thing can in fact fit A LOT!! :)


Twice I tried printing and the print stops on the front piece as it gets to approx 20 hours into the print. I downloaded it twice thinking it may be an issue with the file, re-sliced it, etc. I am using a Tevo Tornado and using CURA to slice file. Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts on why it is stopping? First time I have had an issue like this. Thanks,

Can anyone assist with this? What are you using for a slicer as Cura is not working? Thanks in advance!

hi Cura, working fine with mine, is fully printed now, and will do the maiden today..... finger crossed

hi carolinaPPGguy, it looks like the printer setting problems. do you try to split it 2?

Wath parte u conect to the servos link??

Hey Tom,

Thanks for all the hard work!

When I am printing the back part I have to drop it down about .5mm into the bed. Else the bottom portion of the prop guard starts to seperate when printing. Am I missing something?

HI Tom.

Would you be willing to upload a step file of the front section? I've got an enclosed FPV pan/tilt that I would like to mount on the front and the STL has too many facets for Solidworks to work with.


The files are actually different from what you have in pictures, I was really looking forward to have those little "notches" in the propeller guard. :(

Dear Tom,

Like the design very much.
I don't know anything about paramotors so maybe a stupid question but why a 4s atleast 5000mah battery?


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This is almost the same wing size as the one recommended for this paramotor https://www.opale-paramodels.com/fr/ailes-parapente-paramoteur-rc/33-parapente-rc-power-11-3760245320178.html
Average weight to fly is 3,6kg, paramotors need to penetrate in the air so some weight is needed. If the weight is in the energy not bad !

Thank you Milcent for explaining.
I don't have a proper rc battery yet but since weight is an advantage maybe going to try some laptop 18650 battery's.
Does anyone have experience with those in a paramotor?

Hey Noard, i think this kind battery has a low discharge capacity, i mean it is something like 5C to 10C. While battery for motor needs to be able to deliver high Amp in a short time like 25 to 50 even 70C (race quadcopter, jets).
So in our case a lipo battery with around 35 to 50C is recommanded. I would avoid 18650 for such purpose. I use some of them for receiver in planes, or TX eventually (i prefer Life there for smaller size and weight).

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nice design. Is there any way to have the "back" piece" sliced in two parts such as it could be print on 220x220 ?
With a separate propeller protection in 2 parts may be ??

I found this remix for 220x220 printer : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3552197 Thanks to Chitto03 !

RC Paramotor ( 220 x 220 printer )
by Lore03

This is awesome.... Any ideas if this would work with the older 1.95m wing?

Yes it should do, however the old wing was slightly more sensitive to torque roll, so I used to run dual motor/prop. This print does have torque compensation build into the prop guard, so it might work ok. Thanks

It's a good job. I can imagine to rebuild this part and to fly a paraglider as a lowland pilot.
Both thumbs up!
Greetings from old Germany

Eine gute Arbeit. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dieses Teil nachzubauen und als Flachlandflieger auch mal einen Gleitschirm zu fliegen.
Beide Daumen hoch!

Grüße aus D.

Thank you for your work. Please give a link to the parachute?

It's linked in the list of parts (the wing)

Didn’t you think the wings is good enough to fly without motor as glider like opale do ???

I haven't flown it without a motor as I don't live near any hills. I also haven't flown the opale wings.

Great project Tom, thanks for sharing. Do you have any video of it flying? and what is the launching method.

Yes here is a short video of it flying, as well as the launch: https://youtu.be/oyt4YwIFIxQ