Village Terrain-Cottage

by LeoMinorIndustries Apr 2, 2019
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so are there any "floors" avail for this at all? they are hollow, would like to make this something with scatter etc inside ? or is this made to just be "eye candy" ie... outside view not inside?

Hi Shadraak

No, there is not a floor in this model. I think it is printed just as an ornamental piece.

The model printed out well for me and looks great. I will probably reprint it larger as it looks a bit too small next to 28mm wargaming models. I haven't played with resizing it yet but it seems like something between 110% and 120% should be about right.

thanks for the suggestion! you can scale up or down to fit the miniature used for gaming!

Fantastic build! Are you going to make some different and similart to this one? Might I suggest, make one floor 1 with a door, then can opt out to print the ground floor - just to have some variations?

Would love to see some more of this, a simple print and paint job and this is awesome on the tabletop!


Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, I'd like to expand to a whole village with options as mentioned above to keep an eye out!

what mini is this on the picture`?

the model is a ringwraith from games workshop Lord of the Rings line of miniatures

What modeling software did you use to create this? I'm getting into doing some modeling myself and am trying to choose which software to learn. I am currently exploring Fusion 360 but it seems like the brick work and shingles would be difficult in that program, at least as far as I can tell at this point.

I plan to print this soon and look forward to more designs like this! This is definitely and area that has room for plenty more designs!


hello, I use a few different program, I like to start with sketchup however it take some effort to model in sketchup specifically for 3d printing and organic forms are difficult but it's great for conceptual work. I also use meshmixer and 3d builder especially for cleaning up models

Nice design & paint job!

thank you! I hope you've had the chance to print

What primer do you recommend for this? I printed it out using PLA.

I personally like to use Citadel primer but another suggestion would be auto filler primer

I use Rustoleum Grey Primer Spray. Shake well before use. Really good stuff!

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I am printing this now, and will be happy to post my very first make. I would like to see you put a door way in place of a "1st floor window" giving the option to turn this into 2 different structures , One with the ground level and one without. I'm no good with designs but thought I would suggest...what should be an easy change for those that could remix it.

thanks for the suggestion! I hope you've enjoyed the model since printing. I'd like to expand into a whole village with options as described above, keep a look out for future designs!

It would have worked great supportless, as I said it was my mistake. I only needed one and found a variety of other buildings to complete a small street scene. The design is solid and works great on the table.

Why are there 2 different roofs? Is there a difference between them?

Hi, it was modeled as one whole piece then split down the middle

Could you offer it as on piece without the split?

This is a sweet building man! printing it now, looks great thus far. Thanks for posting keep up the good work

Thank you! I’d love to see the result once it’s printed!

please tell me you are making more of these!

Hi! Glad you enjoy it! I would like to expand into a whole village, I also have some other projects down the pipeline so keep an eye out!

I will for sure. This is a niche that needs to be filled. I've been looking for months for designs for this purpose. Definitely, something I can support.

Thank you

Hallo sir. do you think it can be printed in vase mode?

Hi, I haven’t tried printing it in vase mode so I’m not sure how well it will turn out. I printed the painted example on draft setting of 0.3 to show details at that level