The Turkey -Semi Auto Nerf Mauser-

by Mrheathpants Apr 2, 2019
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Alright, this is going to be a long one. Overall, this has been great printing and can't wait to put it together. But......The battery cover is a pain in the butt to print. You can print it on its side, but then you have supports and it's weird and you have a little thin strip that is hard to print on top of. The logical way to print this is in the orientation in the picture. However, the bottom is just slightly curved so most of your second layer prints in thin air... which has caused many a failed print. I have some of the pictures of it sliced. It's also not good at 0.15mm. Do I have the orientation wrong? Is there any way that you could include a second file that's easier to print? Thanks! And again, keep up the good work. This thing is great.

hi im having a problem placing the insides together is there a pic of inside thanks and what a cool blaster good job

There was a specific spot in the two trigger group parts that were clipping in the file, and has since been fixed with a new trigger group left. However, I have also added a step by step assembly guide here too.

Do you have a suggested set of motors?

Missed that on the parts list. Yes, I recommend either MTB Honey Badgers or Wolverines on 3s (because of the rpm needs). Wolverines will need mosfets, and I'm not entirely sure there's room

Thanks! Are the 2.6mm screws supposed to be about typical nerf shell length?

Yess, that's just the size designation for normal, modern nerf size screws, so whatever length works. If you have a bunch of those on hand, then definitely go for that

Ooh, I like this. Any chance of fitting an auto pusher in there?

It's probably possible, but I wasn't thinking about it really. It might also be possible to have a version that could fit a 35mm solenoid.