Coffin Bass

by Drathis Jun 5, 2014
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Is there any point of the rectangle in the middle of the bass

I'm new to 3D printing, but I really like this design. If it's not too much to ask, Is it possible for this design to accommodate a 5-string setup? Thanks in advance!

I know this is an old project, but could you go in more depth of the electronics needed for this project. I have never built an instrument before?

yea that would be much appreciated! :)
and the changes i was going to make were going to be mostly cosmetic, unless i decide to go with different pickups then i would change the dimensions of the pickups slots as well

I really like how this looks! is it okay if i modify some parts of it?

Sure, do whatever you want to it :)
I can upload Solidworks files if that helps.
Just remember that most changes to the body will effect how it sounds & how it feels to play, especially pickup, bridge & neck positions.

This looks really cool! Are you still working on it?

yup still working on it. I'll upload final stl's soon

Great! Just checking it out now, Slic3r is telling me that parts A,B, and D are non-manifold.

I've cleaned all files further & uploaded again.
If Slic3r keeps complaining try using Kisslicer, I use both

I checked it out in Kisslicer and it still highlights some parts of the mesh, mostly saying that they're degenerate triangles, mostly on the rounded edges. I don't know if it will still slice and print nicely despite the errors, but they give me pause. Obviously it's working for you, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Or if I'm worrying too much and it will slice and print fine anyway >.<

Yeah I had those too, it should print fine. You could scale down the part if you want to do a test print, it will behave the same as a full sized print

Yeah, Slic3r is still not liking it. I'll try a different slicer.
Thanks for all the updates though. I've never built an instrument before so I'm still not sure what the whole bill of materials or the budget is going to be. It's going to be a cool project, though :D

This will be a potentially expensive project. I used about 0.5kg of pla not counting failed prints & on top of that is the cost of the neck, hardware, electronics & pickups.
I recommend a little research online for prices before printing, ebay is a good place to start.
My total print time was about 32 hours